Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Substitution for the real thing![Review]

    I received the "Manbound Piece Rubber Dildo" to review from I wanted something that wouldn't feel too much like a toy, and decided on getting something from the Realistic Dildos category. had a great selection of Sex Toys, but since I knew what I wanted, and what I did not want, it made the process very easy when deciding which toy was right for me.

    I loved it! I have not had much need or want for a dildo since well I am completely satisfied in the bedroom by My husband, but to add in something "New" and "Exciting" I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided why not try a dildo instead of the usual Vibes. Well has a great selection of appealing Sex Toys to choose from, for both men and women. When I mentioned my new toy coming in the mail, my husband seemed very into the whole idea. Let me tell you it was a great experience! we tried different things with it like, and he definitely enjoyed watching me use it on myself. The best part about the "Manbound Piece Rubber Dildo" was that it was very realistic, and definitely satisfied me more than once.  Not only was this a great product, but the customer service was EXCELLENT! That I can recall I have not dealt with a company who was so on top of things when it came to responding back to the customer in a timely manner. The product shipped out fairly quickly and arrived sooner than anticipated. The Box it shipped in was completely discrete which made me feel so much better in knowing my family would have no idea what was awaiting me in the box.

   I will admit that when seeing the "Manbound Piece Rubber Dildo", it didn't appeal to me. It looked kind of plain and not too girthy and kind of small for what I'm used to, but even still  it is a great toy. I would recommend this to anyone, a beginner or an advanced user. It can definitely be used during solo play as well as with a couple. This toy is also safe to use for anal play, since it does have a base to it, although  I personally have not tried it.

  The Material was very smooth and of course was rubber, which had a smell to it. It was actually the first thing I noticed when opening the package. It was a strong smell but did not seem to be noticeable during sex. Since the material is rubber it is very porous and is very hard to keep clean, I would recommend using a condom on it during each use, to lower any chances of bacteria being build up on your dildo, this will also help your dildo last longer. It is best used with silicon and water based lubricants. I would also recommend washing it before each use if you do not plan on using a condom as well as after, I did use it the first time without a condom and it did cause a little bit of an irritation. The Manbound Piece rubber Dildo, is very flexible, and makes for easy and comfortable vaginal play.

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  1. that's one of the more interesting dildos I've seen. It almost looks as if it's made with duct tape....or it could double as a hook on the wall, for your coat or something. LOL! Your review was very informative and interesting!