Monday, December 6, 2010

Stressful/Sexy Sunday

   To start out our day, the plan was to wake up early clean up a bit, drop our monster off at my aunts by 9:30, send him off to church with her and go take care of care related bussines.. But NOPE!  It went more like this, Monster woke up at 6 am we had to make him go back to bed, we woke up around 8 we started cleaning, my cousin wasn't at her moms so she wouldn't be able to take care of Monster or take him to church, we took longer than expected cleaning up, my uncle didnt show up till 11, we didnt end up leaving till almost one to handle this bussiness and it took under 30 minutes to hear, what I already knew, but he kept insisting it wasnt it! The Fuel Punp is bad and needs to be replaced! UGH FML, to make matters worse the Honda is being a Piece of shit and is parked because it refuses to start even with a new battery so Im guessing the starter went bad, so you guessed it we are carless for the next week (I hope its only for a week) Ugh any ways, I received a new plaything from and the Mr. has been dying to test it out with me, lol My Mr. is definately a perve, My perve, Lol I LOVE IT!

    Once the monster went down for his afternoon nap, I started getting ready for our evening, since SUnday is usually the one night i'm not exhausted from work since its my only day off. He caught me off gaurd showing up almost an hour early to find me napping, but he wasted no time getting started! I mean after Sexting he was definately in the mood lol. Monster was still sleeping, but the Mr. did manage to get me off and as we wait For Monster to go to bed now, we will definately both be gettng off, (a few times lol)

   Off to work tommorow 3 hours earlier than usual,  ugh Why?? Beause I have no car! and I will be getting off 1 hour later, Because I have no car! Lol damn it!

Hope everyone had a great Weekend I sure did, a little short, but a great one  nonetheless

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