Simply Me

   Im a 20 Something Year Old momma to a almost 2 year Old Little Monster! My Pride and Joy! also a Loving wife to My Handsome Mr. Man who I absolutely adore!
I believe in Living Life to the Fullest and that ever encounter with some one or something is meant to lead you to where you are meant to be In life You might not know it then but everything is s test of character strength and Faith!  I am a Loud Mouthed Momma, who speaks Her Mind freely ( a little too freely) sometimes I tend to offend people but I guess thats their Problem Not Mine! I am A freelance photographer, and enjoy Recording Life from behind the Lens! I am a Make up Crazed woman who uses others as her Canvas!  

    The Mr. and  have been married  2.5 years (03.28.08) and I couldn't have asked for a better Life partner. he spoils me even when I don't deserve it, Rarely Argues with me,  and does all that I ask of Him and More!  Lol and always says Im right! ( perfect Right?)

    My Little Man Is the sweetest piece of Daddy and Me. Born a capricorn like his Mommy ( 01.11.2010), just as bad tempered, irritable and Moody! But I Love Him just Like his daddy Loves me Lol