Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New car

the Mr. FINALLY got me a new car on 4/4/12! Im so happy I love my new car and I love him for getting it for me!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4 Years and Counting!

Wow Has it really been 4 years? 4 years since I said "I Do" 4 years since we joined our lives together, 4 years since we decided to become a family! Time Sure does Fly By.

In the last 4 years we have been nothing but faithful, loyal and devoted to one another. We have our disagreements here and there, but who doesn't. I love my Mr. and am a lucky person for having him in my life and an even better person for having met him. Happy 4 year Anniversary Baby!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February RECAP

Mother In Law FINALLY left. It was nice having her here but at the same time, I needed my Space and was tired of going out to the mall EVRY SINGLE FREAKING DAY! Jayden got really close to her and I will say he misses her dearly! (A few Pics From Grandma's visit Below)

Valentines Day.... Well Nothing Out of the Ordinary, A card, dinner,  a movie at home and a early Night. With Both of us having such a Hectic Work Schedule its a wonder how we get time to sleep! 
Jayden Got a Kindle Fire.. Yes Mommy Blew Almost $300 on the damn thing Just because. They only run about $200 but wee needed that 2 year warranty and replacement plan I mean, with My child i would purchase a 5 year if it were possible!

Hello March! Good By February!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Peanut!

Jaydens Birthday!

Baby boy Turned 3 on January 11th! My precious baby boy has turned into a cute little man! his original birthday theme was "spiderman" He decided Dinosaurs was more his style so mommy had to find a party store that sold Dinosaur things.. and it wasn't just Cute Yellow and blue with red dinosaurs, no he wanted the realistic looking things, so mommy got as close to it as possible...  On his actual Birthday we had a smal get together just my Cousin and Jaydens Guest of Honor Landen my mom my sister the mr. and myself. It was a small oiting to CEC and Little man had a Blast! (Pictures Below)

Jay and his Buddy "Mr. Lan"

I think the Mr. Needs another One!

Jaydens Birthday PARTY!

His Actual Birthday Party was on January 31st... Celebrated it at CEC with Close Family their kids and some Co Workers and  and their Kids...  Did I also Forget to Mention My Mother In Law is in Town!

Mommy and Her Main Man!

Yes we had To Custom order this thing

The Fam... Well Some

Ticket Blaster, my cousin got in with him... together they ended up with like 2500  ticket points!


and More toys!

Besides the Birthday Party the Mr. and I decided to Get Jayden the New Game "Skylanders" and of course go all out and purchase the little ridiculously expensive figures that are sold individually... did I mention there are 32 of them I think we are at 21 or 22 we shall see when we finish colecting those things because we cant seem to find them ANYWHERE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

over the holidays!

Soo over the holiday spending, and the parties, Just ready to start packing and start getting ready for our big move in our new place! God willing this will be our last year renting, come may My honey and I will start house hunting and talking to our realtor so that we can be home Owners by Spring 2013 its time for us to settle down Jayden needs a stable home especially now that hes starting school!  Back to work in the morning... Thank god its a short week!

Happy New Year!

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