Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February RECAP

Mother In Law FINALLY left. It was nice having her here but at the same time, I needed my Space and was tired of going out to the mall EVRY SINGLE FREAKING DAY! Jayden got really close to her and I will say he misses her dearly! (A few Pics From Grandma's visit Below)

Valentines Day.... Well Nothing Out of the Ordinary, A card, dinner,  a movie at home and a early Night. With Both of us having such a Hectic Work Schedule its a wonder how we get time to sleep! 
Jayden Got a Kindle Fire.. Yes Mommy Blew Almost $300 on the damn thing Just because. They only run about $200 but wee needed that 2 year warranty and replacement plan I mean, with My child i would purchase a 5 year if it were possible!

Hello March! Good By February!