Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun in the SUN

Juan Carlos and I stayed out all day yesterday cleaning the pool so we could spend our saturday with our son swimming and having fun, got it nice and clean and all of a sudden come this morning I see his mom frantically cleaning the house and out doors only to find out that His brother had Invited his moms WHOLE side to come over for drinks and barbeque and swim?!?!? Ok I dont remember him cleaning the pool to say the least untill we cleaned the pool and filled it the pool had not ben filled since July 8, 2009 almost 1 year ago, So Juan carlos eventually got in with my son, but i refused since i refused to go swimming with a bunch of people YUCK! It was a very psetting day for me but i got over it and took some pictures of my boys swimming and his family although i still believe it was rude seeing how his mom didnt know anything UNTIL they called this morning! It was nice out but the mosquitoes are killing Juan Carlos and Jayden they dont seem to bother with me but i did get bit by an ant.

WHile cleaning we kept seeing these nasty little frogs and a HUGE CocRoach! yuck they are after me i swear!

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