Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week 1

So today marks our 1 week in Puerto Rico, So far we have gotten our Certificado de buena conducta and are in the process of getting our Certificado de Salud on friday, This week went by pretty quickly, I think our hardest Challenge besides not having transportation is, living with Family, we are very Private people and like to keep to ourselves and feel that we are under a microscope here! We are hoping to get our own place soon and if things dont work out head back to VA so that we can continue our lives over there. It is extremely hot over here, and lots of bugs, these little tiny salamander looking things really creep me out Gross im always afraid one will fall on me!lets hope the next 4 weeks go just as fast! I love the Island and its people, the weather is hot which isnt too bad a thing, I feel being here will be better for us although Going to VA is easier!

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