Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome to Puerto Rico

Our Flight arrived 20 minutes early and although we had a very hard time at Dulles airport and were forced to Leave our AC unit behind, I would have to say our flight wasnt that bad, the seats were still small ad crowded and American Airlines is beyond picky as to the handbags you take on.. Can you believe they make you measure them?!?!?! Any ways our problems started from the moment we arrived there we pull out to the curb to wait for his family who My Husband told to pick us up on the curb
  1. His mom went to park the car
  2. They walked to the curb we had about 3 suitcases a large dog crate a stroller and like 5 carry ons!!!
  3. They decided ok we will go get the car
  4. They cannot find the car [ the car is a burgandy SUV]
  5. An Hour later they find the car[no joke 1 hour later] but they lost the parking ticket!
  6. they walk back to the curb and MAKE US CARRY EVERYTHING [ 3 trips]
  7. not everything fits in the car
From there the drive was horrible she had no idea where she was going was barely moving the car then we get to the house
  1. Messy as hell
  2. internet is slow
  3. Im afraid to shower
  4. no where to put my things
  5. they drop us off and leave immidiately!
so we end up being stuck at home with nothing to do

lol what a first Day I think i cried! i wanted to go home that badly my husband did too I know its just here at his moms house but still I hate relying on other people to take me places havnt had to do that since i was 13!!

The Island itself is beautiful the weather [although it is hot] feels good and the sun doesnt burn badly, a few shots of landing on the island

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