Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Already??

OMG!!! I Cannot Believe it is August already seems like SUmmer Just started barely had anytime for summer vacation and all i see on the Walmart shelves are Back To school Items, and Back To School shopping Lists.... I want to take atleast 2 more trips this summer, so i want this time to go by slowly but at the same time... I cat wait till i can walk into a a store or drive to the mall at 11 am and not find a bunch of teenagers Window Shopping! Colleges are starting school soon most public schools in this county will Not be starting school until september so I will be taking my last beach Trip the weekend After Labor day!
in just a few Short Years my Little man will be getting ready for his first day Of Kindergarten.... Oh how im dreading the day I loose my little guy.... of course i will be getting him back at the end of the day lol...

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