Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

Happy Friday Every One

To start Off id like to link a few Bloghops for today! you never know who you will meet!
My Wee View

Its Finally Friday!! feels like Just yesterday it was Friday... This was an enjoyable week for Me, J.C had a few extra Hours of work this week But I had an extra day off so can't Complain. But Today is Friday The 13th , who will be watching scary Movies Tonight? Well Moving on...

Today or sometime tommorow I will be getting our New Car! I feel like im getting old considering I found myself wanting a Mini Van and i only Have 1 son! before i had my son and 2 dogs and traveled everywhere!! now we are just down to my son Until we bring or Dog back from Over seas in september.

I have been reading many blogs from many different ladies, from recipes, photography, reviews, random rants, military wives, and its so interesting to see the different things people write about! I LOVE IT. To any New Followers HEY leave me a comment and i will surely follow you back! Hope everyone has a great Friday the 13th

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