Friday, August 27, 2010


Where you will Find me this Friday!!!

My Wee View

Well Its Finally Friday! Now I get To Bitch About my Week!
Too Bad theres not too Much to Bitch About.
Work Ehhh you know how that goes. Got called in to work on a day off of course i went.
A little stressed out about our Move comming soon yet again.

Hello To any New Followers!
So its finally Friday and most people will be excited! Ugh not me I have
to go to work in this saturday and Supposed to work Sunday, wich im trying
to get out of since we are trying to get a headstart on our 2 day getaway starting saturday Night! I hate when i get told to work week ends but thats life!
I am Looking Forward to Seeing My Baby Girl and her Mommy who I havnt seen In almost a Year, and Going to the beach with my two Men!
I Hope every one else has a great Friday
And thanks for following!


  1. HI there just stopping by from the Boost my blog Friday stop by and say Hi and tell me why your smiling this Friday.

  2. Hi There, sorry it took so long to get over for a visit. We've had company for an entire week (7 people!!!)

    Only one left to hit the road this morning and I'm counting down the minutes :)

    Oh and I'm following you now too!

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  4. Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello.
    Have a great Friday!

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    Amy @ Render Me Mama

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    Have an awesome weekend!

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