Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Hops and Challenges

I Confess:
-The Mr. and I Got caught Haing sex In Public!
well it wasnt public this guy was just a creeper! [It was out side on our property .. thats not public right??]
-The Mr. and I had sex in the Pool while his Little sister was in there [The heffa wouldnt get the Fuck Out]

"30 day Journal" 
Day 24 - where I live 
I Live In a House in Northern, VA 
6 bedrooms 5.5 Bathrooms 
 Until the Mr.s Move Goes through but if this doesn't happen like ASAP imma sign a lease for a new place im getting Impatient 

"10 Random Days" 
Day 6: Five people who mean a lot to you. 
1.My baby Boy 
2.My Husband 
3.My Brother and sister [yes they count as one!] 
4.My Mom and Dad [yes another pair] 
5.My Grandma and Grandpa [Moms Side]


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