Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello Autum!

Tuesday Night was spent OUT! We went To Party City where They DID NOT have the Costume we saw online! they had some Bootleg DJ Lance Rock No Brobee No Plex No Muno WTF! So I have to order it offline and if it doesnt Fit Im SOL and have to return it and re order GEEEZ! any ways Lo had a Blast Trying On costumes he though it was the best thing Ever he loved the DJ lance one but id rather pay the extra 10 to get a better quality considering it Might Be cold outside! Im still waiting on My car to be out of the shop! Hopefully this week of course they want another .5k so yea they milking us! any ways Hope all of You have a great Wednesday... can You believe just 2 more days till the weekend WooHOO!!! 

"DJ Lance Rock"
Now I will Start Picture Whoring and Post Some Photos of My LO at Party City trying On his Dj Lance costume [the hat did not fit His big Cabeza!]

"30 Days Of Truth"
Day 22 → Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.

Everything I've done in Life I wanted to do at that point In time, would I change it if it meant changing today No, But One thing i did Do that I can't Fathom Is Hurting someone. I wish I Hadn't Gotten Involved with a guy Who was Already Spoken For, Although The relationship started by him pursing me and due to his Lies [and Wouldn't have happened had he started with IM Taken] I share the Blame for not ending It more quickly after finding out. It is Something, that made me grow as a person, and i would Not want to experience that sense of Betrayl and the Hurt I caused another living person. I do sometimes feel Guilty when i see how Happy The Mr. and I are and How Hurt I would be if some one came in to wreck that. But all things Happen for  a reason.

"30 Day blog Journal"
Day 15 - your dream house

Far Away from here Lol. I would not want it in VA Or some where tropical, I would probably say Alaska close to the Ocean! Im not too Picky As Long as My Family is with me and we are all healthy!


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  3. What a great blog! Your child is ADORABLE!!!

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