Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thirsty Thursday!!

200 Followers!! Finally!
which means I only got 5 new followers including yesterday but alot of peole stopped by saying they were new followers.... Hmmm any ways

Welcome All NEW Followers! and of course those who continue to Follow!

Its Thirsty Thursday! dont Forget to Link Up in Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop[having a drink recipe is not required... neither is drinking lol, but its always fun to share] hope to see yall there!

Now onto SHOES!!
 I was Looking for new Soccer Cleats for this New season { I know how dumb of me to try and break in new shoes at my first game! But i will be breaking them in the next few days and well they have tp get broken in some time!}Cause who wants the Old Black and White cleats or the Red and Black Cleats Hmm??
My Brother mentioned the AdiZeros that Are Perfect Light weight everything and he has a pair from last season. so The new AdiZero f50 In women are white and Blue?!?! ok cute But why Only in that color I look at the men section and They have Hot Pink and white ?!?!? WHAT?!?!  What Kind of world do we live in where a girl cant go to the women shoe section and buy PINK shoes?? but men Can hmm??Ok so.... I go ahead and I buy them In the men Section Ill take Pink {especially Hot Pink} over blue any day!
Aren't they SEXII 
Oh sooo Sexii!

Can't Wait till I can buy the Mini Mr. his first pair of Soccer Cleats!

"30 Days Of Truth"
Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.
this is Simple! DRAMA {although not always Unavoidable}
I could Definitely live without any of my Ex boyfriends including knowing anything about them or ever talking to them again, Also adding in there the Mr.'s exes/stalkers lol pretty Much I could Live With Out any one that Brings Unnecessary Drama!! or High school drama

"30 day Blog Journal"
Day 9 - a photo you took
On the Farm In Santa Isabel, PR [the Mr.s Family's Farm]

"A Picture a Day"
Week 3 "Routine"
Day 18

I'd be a Liar if i said that Laundry wasnt Part of  My Routine! Theres always laundry to do.
Now Photo Whoring Time

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