Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Pictures!

    Saturday Night I spent most of my Time after work playing with the LO and working on my little Cousins Gothic Fairy Costume or what ever it was she wanted. She wanted a corset like mine... FIne but i better see a black shirt underneath! and then a a tutu I decided black and hot pink but then i added white in there because her hot pink wings Had a silver lining. Any ways heres the end results for all 3 pieces

I procrastinated all week and finally onSaturday I ran out to buy my fabric for My costume but Left me with NO time to make it because i was dealing with LO and working on the little cousins costume! After My game Yesterday I came home sat at the Kitchen Table and was stuck there sewing screaming drawing cutting measuring and damn near ready to lose my Mind Bt I finished the skirt waist was a little bad cuz the machine was messing with my then BUT i got it finished and Im proud, not to mention the Mr. came home and was like WOW! You look hot Lol funny guy then he wanted some alone time in the costume! I told him I wanted my 7 dwarves first lol I love my Hubby heres my costume!

Just kidding that was my drawing it out free hand cuz i was too lazy to take the time to make a pattern and completely forgot id have to do it twice!  cuz i needed 4 pieves of fabric lol damn IT!
Isnt It cute! I wore Black underneath since i was going out with the lO no need to look hoochie! Missing My red Cape!

We went to a few Houses it was Freezing even with all the Clothes LO was wearing he seemed cold last year we took him to about 3 houses lol he was 8 or 9 months and it was His first Trick or treat and again he was cranky! Im sensing a tradition here! lol  This year we went to about 5 or 6  we only went to the Neighbors that we Know [Gotta be safe!]
My Little Super Man well last Night It was more like Super "Cranky" Man

Snow White Momma and Super Baby!


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