Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lets play Catch Up

So in a quick attempt to post a blog to play Catch up, I will post about a few things.

First and Foremost, Thanksgiving! Ugh every year around this time I find myself in some sort of distress trying to find an Outft to wear to Thanksgiving dinner! Unlike me My husband is the hardest to go shopping for! It is also a one of the Busiest times for my grandparents restaurant which means I will be there day and Night until our late dinner wich is usually at about 8 or 9. I don't know when I will find the time to bake anything or cook anything, since I've been asked to work almost 7 days a week, well now 7 since my soccer season is over until January 2nd 2011!

Moving on, Christmas is fastly [is that even a word.. well ist my blog and if it isn't I say it is] approaching and going to the stores the LO has a new obsession with Toystory 3 OMG anything Buzz Lightyear "Mine"... "Wow"... or his favorite "Granmama" LMFAO yes cause he knows if granmama were there hed be taking it home that very same day! well tough! I cant buy you these toys now daddy and mommy have no will power and will surely give them to you the minute we get in the car! The Little Battery Operated Toy Story 3 car is what we are aiming for But will probably buy It on Black Friday for his Birthday. All this extra Money Coming In from My 7 Days, Im keeping some of it aside so I can buy a Great big Lot of Toys for this spoiled Monkey as well as using some of it to Start buying his Birthday Items!

I Won My First Giveaway [FINALLY] Over at Dirty Truth Reviews!  I'm not really one to enter giveaways because lets Face it I never win!  But amazing enough I WON! and it was one of the ones i really Wanted the Etsy shop that sponsored this giveaway has the cutest Items! I won a Necklace that will come engraved with what ever I want on it. The winner of My giveaway submitted 1 entry and Won! Lol yes Lucky Ladii!

And Finally I won an award [A few days ago] from Laritas makeup. The award  non other than a Sunshine award! Im supposed to pass it on but seeing how I need to hurry up and get my Lazy ass  up and out this house so i can go work. I wont atleast not until later!


  1. Evangelina is in that same "mine" phaze. She thinks everything is hers and she wants every toy out there (even though she only plays with a couple of her bazillion toys.) I'm stressing about Thanksgiving because I work Thanksgiving and I'm not sure when I will get to enjoy a feast of my own. Same for Christmas. :( its one of the few downfalls with working at a hospital.

  2. whew... and breathe.

    Girl, you're busy!