Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Morning Quickie

   Well Last Night didn't start as Planned, My Little man decided He didn't want his bed anymore but infact wanted to crawl up behind my pillow and fall asleep Getting him outta there was ONE HARD TASK! the Mr. thought it was mean I told him to get him and put him in his bed, HE CAN'T SLEEP WITH US!

   Last Night, was one of the Nights I've gone to bed the latest in the past 2 weeks, sadly, that was only 10 past 1.

   Happy Birthday Katie! I can't believe You are 19 already, feels like this time last year you were living with me and tryna figure out how in the world you were going to take care of that baby; and now hes almost 6 months old and your taking care of him just fine on your own! Enjoy your last TEEN year

   I'm too Lazy to pick another Spotlight this week, right now anyway, maybe later on during the day, But I will keep My Babes up There "Scandal in the Choir Loft"

   Hope everyone Enjoys their Saturday I will be running errands from 8:30 AM until I clock in at 10-10:30 AM so... My Day is going to SUCK! Well at least my morning! WHile at work I will Be studying because apparently My School WOrk Is SUCKING and SLACKING! FML!!!

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