Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey, Black Friday, and a Homeless man.

Too Much doesnt fit in one shot and the salads and bread were on the main table
 Gobble Gobble 

    Thanksgiving 2010, was a little smaller than it has been in the past years. All of us are getting older, starting our own families, and starting our own traditions. We continued with the family tradition of having dinner at the family restaurant, as we do every year after the restaurant is closed. Dinner started at about 9:30 PM, yes that late. Dinner consisted of 2 Turkeys, a chicken, my grandmas stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice, 2 different kinds of mac & cheese, some more bread stuffing, bread, a house salad, a russian salad, some cranberry sauce, and of course chocolate chip, and sugar cookies.
GrandMama and Jay J.

These two are bottomless Pits (daddy[right] and the whiny Uncle[left])

The Teenage crew ( they know everything.. Cuz they grown)

Dilsa and Jay J.

K-T and Baby Landen

The Mr. and little man

P, Me, and My Jay J.
    After we said grace ( it was my dads turn this year) we all lined up waiting to be served. My mom and I served every one before we ourselves grabbed a plate to eat. As usual, my dad had brought a bag of gifts and prizes to raffle off and that went on for over an hour. People were getting mad at my baby boy whose number kept getting called and he kept winning things lol. he won about 6 times I won 2 times and the Mr. won 1 time. That would have been a great night to play the lottery, he was one lucky boy that night lol. We ended our night at around 11:30 PM, when we rushed out and headed towards walmart for the 12:01AM sales. I was determined to but Toy Story 3 ( TS3) for 10 bucks. It would normally run about $20-$24, but a deals a deal and thats $10-$14 bucks I was going to save.

Black Friday Chaos 
   As I pull into the Shopping center, the stores ( Best Buy, Toys R Us, Target) are swarmed with people who are ridiculous enough to stand in line for hours to get the best deals! Toys R Us was open at 10PM why they had a line backed up about 2 blocks... God I have no idea, I mean it was midnight already! Best buy had another 5 hours to go before opening and It was definitely freezing. The Walmart parking lot was full to the back all the way to the garden center, even the B.J.'s parking lot was full from the Walmart customers.

   Our lucky streak continued, as we try to find parking some one right up front is leaving so we parked and by 12:06 AM we were in side as wee walk in we spot the last TS3 on the DVD shelf! Those lines were awful! We made our way to electronics, ( the Mr. just HAD to see what game deals they had) and I see that the electronics check out has 2 people so i make a line. This lady took FOREVER! ( all I wanted was to pay the movie and make my way to the wii line) We didnt notice but some bastard cut in front and as I start yelling the Bitch Cashier tells me the line is the Other way! Tthats when I start yelling more UM NO!!! We are all lined up going this way! and then every one starts yelling, poor chick look scared so she agreed the line was the other way lol. The guy that cut, I gave him the ok to go and the people in front of me didn't mind, but you would think after cutting me in line, you would be courteous enough to HURRY THE FUCK UP! No this nigga is arguing with the cashier over a price when the ad CLEARLY STATES "ONLY AVAILABLE 5AM-11AM" Come on Fucker get out of the line. As I'm cursing under my breath hoping this guy gets hit by lightning on his way home Some guy starts Humping me! WTF!?!?! He was trying to be slick and get in front of the guy that was behind me. and the guy behind me goes If anything happens you know you I was behind you right.. I was like Yup! Ok well finally the fucker that was holding up the line goes the line moves up and the guy in front of me tells me I can go first and as the line moves up this Nigga Humps me harder and him and the guy behind me start yelling and thats when I'm like "NO HE WAS HERE FIRST" well to end the argument I let the guy that was behind me go first which completely pissed of the Nigga who was Dry Humping me. I mean do I look like your wife? ok Then Back the fuck UP! Any ways, during this time my aunt shows up and I tell her where the line for the Wii is Wow it was long so she goes to make the line. The Mr. brings me his stack of games i check the prices and decide on a few for him, and we check out.

   As I wrap around the whole electronics section looking to see where in the hell they were, the were in a 3+ hour wait line for the WII!! FUCK NO and I had heard about tickets and what not so Imma go find out because I ain't waiting inline to be told they ran out of Wii's. So I make my way to the front, stand next to this dumb bitch whom for some reason gave me the feeling she was some how related to the other fucktard who was holding up the other check out Line because she didn't seem to understand "5AM-11AM" so I stand there ask the guy if they have the red Wii Available he says yes... I call My aunt, she doesn't answer, I call again, No answer Im like OH hell no Imma be pissed Cuz im at the front of the line! The dumb fucks behind me didnt say anything so Im staying here. she finally calls and i tell her to leave her husband in the back of the line ( in case any one actually got the balls to call me out!) and for her to bring her card up so she could pay. well no one Grew a pair so We checked out. We were back in our car by 12:41 AM I would say it was Excellent Time, Might I add my aunt and Uncle tipped me a few bucks for getting them out of ther in less than 20 minutes ( i was there longer but they were in and out!) haha I know I did exactly what I was fighting others for doing, only I had the balls to call them out and well, No one Had a pair to tell me off so FUCK THEM!

   We had a very Lucky Night! Jayden behaved and was not cranky, we won a bunch of prizes, we found great parking, got what we went shopping for, and made excellent time, Damn It we should have played the lottery LOL!

Homeless Man
****S/N: as we were going in to the restaurant before dinner, we spotted a man laying on the ground, hiding under large cardboard boxes, a homeless man. My family kindly offered him a spot at our table and to place his dogs in the bathroom ( since it is a restaurant no animals allowd he had 2) but he kindly denied our offer, so we grabbed a tray packed it with plenty of food for him and his dogs got some hot coffee and took it outside for him. My mom gave him a spare sweater she had  in the car and I opened my trunk and gave him a blanket and pillow we carry around for when we take long trips. the next day (friday) was rainy so he got permission from the building manager next door to us to stand under the area where the water wouldnt hit him and they allowed him to, and again My mom took him some more food and coffee. Today (saturday) he was no Longer there, but he did say a few Kind words when he asked for my moms name and said That he now had a Sister in VA. Not once did he ask us for anything yet we still offered. I hate seeing people like that (which is why I steer clear of DC)  I am so thankful that I have a family like the one I do. I know I would never have any one of my family members out on the street like that.****

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