Monday, March 28, 2011

3 years and Strong

Tonight will mark our 3 year wedding anniversary. With 3 years under our Belt, not much has changed. I'm still the same bitch he married, The Same Obssesive compulsive freak, who has her own way of doing things, and if it isn't that way well then its Wrong! He's still the same hard working, Spoil me rotten, Mellow Guy. We Have Learned how to deal with eachothers annoying quirks, How to handle stressful situations, and learned when to look the other way on things that simply don't matter. No more getting angry at every little thing, No more expecting something that simply just isn't going to happen. We have gone from being Husband and wife to being a family when we added our little Blessing into the Mix.

As for now I am just waiting for him to get off work and see what he has in store for us tonight. As far as celebrating "Alone" and finding a sitter, for some reason I feel bad when I do not include My son in our celebrations. So as always he will come with. When i signed up to be a mom I didnt sign up for "Whenever it is convinient" I signed up for "Forever and always" so whether its easier and less frustrating to leave him with a sitter, I prefer to share these moments with him.

A Song that describes us perfectly...

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