Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oh Dear Lord Thank You!!

   April 13th?!?!?  is a No go! Woohoo!  Lol ok to fill Yall In this is the update!

   After a week of sweating and damn near crying everyday at work in the bathroom both from frustration, and most of all FEAR!! This Dirty bitch showed her face! OMG Af Symptoms start 2-4 days before af shows well this time she didnt show symptoms oh and she didnt show the day she was due or the day after that, or even the day after that! By late day 3 I start Cramping, the breast get all tender Oh dear lord that triggered tears! Oh No, these reminded me so much of pregnancy symptoms that I had previously experienced in my Pregnancies. Cramps were HORRIBLE and everytime I went to the BR and She still wasn't here I wanted to sit in the stall and CRY!

   Nonetheless, The situaton was made worse after finding out one of my younger cousins ended up preggo, but thats a post for another time! So any ways..... She showed her damn face a few days later which almost made me bawl! OMG i Have never been happier to see AF show up! As much as i would love a 2nd Child... Eventually.... Jayden Is not in School yet Daycare is expensive enough as it is, and taking time off work is not an option. I ike making my money spending it and taking random trips and vacays here and there.

   Although staying home is always an option, I like having a paycheck to damn much. Nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom to 1, 2, or hell even 3 kids, and as much as I enjoyed being home for almost 2.5 years with my son and 3.5 years as a house wife, i honestly think/feel it is my time to be selfish, and focus on me!

   Finishing School is at the top of my List, Traveling is 2nd and both need to be funded with money. Being Selfish now will ensure Jayden the best life possible without wants, needs,  and without having to miss out on all that life has to offer!

   Plus I Love to work!  I like having to wake up (on most days) and Knowing what I have to do that day, and Jayden being in Daycare has Him so Much smarter... counting, coloring, naming colors, and trying to read!  Its great for him.

    NO BABY FOR US WOOHOO! Since my last period my Due Date would have been Calculated to April 13th. and as previously stated as much as I would love to be a mom again some day... NOW is not that day...

   Next Steps Dont let the Mr. within a 10ft Radius of me without a condom LOL yes 4 years with no Birth Control and I think NOW is the time to Get on something.  I will be making an OBGYN apt to discuss my options Because as Previously state BABY is not an Option NOT now, Not for atleast another year and then the 9 months till its Born soooo 2 years!