Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!

Today was Amazing. I woke Up to Hubby and a plate full of Yummy Food! Heart Shaped Pancakes, Eggs Bacon

and a Plate of Mini Pink and white Cupcakes! I worked the Morning and Came home to find presents lined up on the counter! Hubby had baked Valentines day Cookies [which sucked lol But i LOVED THEM] We went out for a late dinner to Ruby Tuesday since we Missed our Dinner Reservation at Sakura, thanks to Jayden Napping Extra Long today... But Non the less It was a Delicious and absolutely enjoyable Dinner! We came home and he handed me a Valentines day card, which was Perfect It was one of those Musical cards and of course he picked something that Fits me a Country song "Just To see You Smile" By Tim Mcgraw [Which of course is a sweet song But the person he sings his song to ends up leaving him for some other guy and all he wants is to see her happy so he lets her go Lol still a sweet Gesture as he knows I'm a country music fan] The card was Perfect and he wrote down so many beautiful words! Any ways I GOT WHAT I HAD BEEN WANTING! I got my Photography Camera and YAY! I get to learn how to use it Lol I know Basics but every camera is different! Hope Every One had a great Valentines day!

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