Monday, March 1, 2010

So Indecisive

Today's Look!

Woke up today in one of those Moods.. You know the ones where you really don't wanna do much and any little thing will get on your nerves and make you flip Out! Well I started out today wanting to wear a sea green eye shadow blended in with an Easter Egg Blue and a champagne highlight. Looked good Just wasn't for the kind of day i was about to have so decided on a light lilac and pale pink with the champagne Highlight. I was Just as Indecisive about my makeup as i was about going to work! I hate the Flipping Waitress well at least I hate working with her. I ended up coming back home at the request Of my hubby after some long driving with my Trannylicious cousin. Lol I picked him Up and we drove to work had him sneak a peak to see how busy the place was after he said it wasn't Busy we drove off! Now Im Back home where I shoulda been to begin with

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