Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday

Hey Yall Busy weekend! and little to No sleep My little one is on some new thing where he stays up as late as mommy and daddy do 4-5 am! but still sleeps till 12 pm normally hed sleep till 12 pm and be in bed by 10 pm now hes going to bed later! Any ways Moving On... We are getting a new Mini Van... sheesh i feel old seriously im 22 and want a minivan lol Oh well Im a mommy and its more convenient for us and our little one to be in a bigger car. I have a few Reviews i will be doing in the next week or so as well as great sites to where you can get some great things for your little ones! Hope every ones week goes Great! I love Mondays! Hi and welcome to any new followers! make sure to comment so i can follow back and add your name to the list below so that you can meet new bloggers and make new friends!
To Finish Things off This week Im in the Meet & Greet Monday Blog Hop!

The other blog Hop is Mingle mondays
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  1. I am a new follower from Mingle Monday.
    Come visit me!

  2. New follower from Mingle Monday! Hope you can stop by and return the follow :)

  3. Hi, I LOVE your blog, it is sOOOOO pretty!!!!

    I can't wait to see all your reviews, you must love make up like we do. Come by and see us, we would love to have you ... we have a lot of make-up giveaways coming in the next weeks...