Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whats next??

Hope Every One had a great Tuesday! Hello to any new Followers. Today was a very Hot day which i spent for the most
part inside in my nice air conditioned room! Its August and september is
soon approaching it will be My Mr.'s 23rd Birthday! wow time is sure flying By!
this time last year we were preparing for our move to NOVA from Norfolk since my Mr. A separated from the Navy. and although we have made several moves in the last year [work related] we are hoping one more move & it will be our last move for a while.
Its about that time of year where you start wondering "Whats Next??"
and for us we Just aren't sure!
We know Moving is in the near Future but no Idea where to, seeing how both our jobs
tie us down to different areas, and then theres one area that we both want but neither
of our jobs correspond to that area so that is an option at starting Over [although exciting a little scary]. on another note My Family keeps insisting Northern Va is the place to Be! So does my BFF, other friends want us in Florida and some back in VA Beach/Norfolk/Newport News well pretty much hampton roads. September is when we plan on Moving and being so close to it I cant even begin to decide where we are going. feeling a little bit stressed! But one things for sure NOVA is NOT an Option for us!!
Moving on.....
The Mr. had to work all day today so, it was just me and the little one, and wow was he trouble
he makes me laugh but when hes tired and cranky its the WORST!
My Little one drove me crazy all day.... he did manage to take almost a 4 hour nap
and woke up to throw a horrible temper tantrum on web cam lol, he was chating with my cousins. he calmed himself and started watching Yo Gabba Gabba , during that time
[before My Mr. came home] i decided to just do some subtle eyeshaddow looks
both eyes were done using the 88 matte palette

Also have a foto to share of Landen Tristiano taken of Him last night
while sleeping such a little cutie!

have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. Babies are so hard...Cute but hard!
    lOve your eye makeup. You have beautiful eyes and great talent too.
    I don't like not knowing where to move...I call it Limbo...I am a it drives me nuts. Hope you we know pretty soon where you are going...
    Hope you are having a great time blog hoping :)
    Come say hi and follow me back.