Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spotlight Saturday!

To start Things Out Thanks to all the new Followers that Have Joined My blog this week!
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Next Lets get this Saturday Blog Started! I went to Bed super Late and at that had to be up and at work by 10:30am so 4 or some hours of sleep not good![although the shower was rather refreshing] Did my Work so i can Play tommorow [Going on a 2 day Getaway with the Mr. and Little one] after being exhausted from lack of sleep and work I knew It was time to come Home
and do the mommy thing and Clean [ Yes More work]
To My Surprise, I walk In and Everything is picked up!
The place is vacumed the laundry is fresh out the dryer [although it wasn't folded] and still warm all that was left for me to do was get my LO [Little One] to take a nap so i could relax!
he was a little fussy and since the Mr. has been Home early this whole week, he hasnt really been napping wich is driving me crazy and i kept blaming Him![He of course thinks im crazy lol] But sure enough... he fusses and after the Tv is turned off and mommy gives him her serious tone lays him down with His Pink Bear "Benny" [ his first valentines day Gift[yes we messed up]] he quietly falls asleep drinking his milk! [See it is the Mr.'s fault he wasn't sleeping lol] Now i get to relax for 3 hours while he sleeps and clean the bathroom [Of course that would be the ONE thing he would not "Get" to do lol]
What a great Surprise to come home to! I feel so spoiled today!
He ended up leaving to work so we can play on monday too so we are trying to get things taken care of here! On top of that No cooking Dinner hes Grabbing a Pizza On his way Home from Work! *Sigh with relief* what a great day.

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1.What is Your favorite Thing About Saturdays?


  1. awwww..thanx for the spotlight! i love saturdays because we get barely enough time throughout the week now that schools here to sit at the table enjoy breakfast and hang around the house, do some shopping...which is why i'm never usually on on weekends....although yesterday was a very draining day for me cause i ended up walking 50 miles..but i'm sure i'll be writing a post about that sometime this week:)

    have an awesome day...and thanks again

  2. Following from Spotlight Saturday!


  3. Hello there, stopping by from BMBF!
    Alas, I was not able to follow a couple of blogs that really caught my eye due to big Internet connection I'd love if we'd follow one another. I always follow.

    Hope you're having a great Sunday so far.