Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time to get to know me AGAIN!!

Getting to know YOU
The Q's.

1. If you accidently knick a car in a parking lot..Do you leave a note or do you get the heck out of there?
I get the hell outta there lol depends on how i hit them if it was my door then i play it off if i like reversed and hit a parked car i might leave a note or pretend to leave a note

2. Love your body or plastic surgery? I love my Body! So does My Husband Give or take a few Pounds but thats life no plastic surgery!

3. What about your favorite blog(s) continues to drive you back? I like the Blogs with pictures and personal things in life, like kids first day of school a love story ready about peoples Lives in general its what i like to blog about so i also enjoy reading it.

4. What percent of your blog is BS just to make your life seem more interesting than it really is? Actually what I write is real I dont BS lol im not saying im Interesting But thats me!

5. If you had to give up one type of meat for the rest of your life, what would it be? hmmm it might be turkey i could do without chicken and sausage but i get cravings Turkey well onli that one time of year Now seafood and steak God help me that is the one thing i I love to eat! Yummy

6. How often to you eat out? Lately Alot since we are forever on the go! But normally Not too often I love cooking at home trying new recipes and watching my love compliment my cookin!

7. Skinny jeans or boot cut jeans? boot cut

8. If you caught your spouse cheating would you forgive, divorce, or plan your kill? Hmmm Id Forgive him mean while I filed for divorce plan my kill this way fingers arent pointed at me lol I was filing for divorce! Just kidding honestly My first reaction is to kick his and her ass and then Get separated till i was eligible to file for divorce but things are easier said than done especially with kids involved but i am a Bitch so I probably would be mean enough to leave him lol But This will never happen [god willing =D]


  1. I actually had a lady bang into my car last weekend at the mall. Her kids were piled up against hers but i knew when they all got in and looked at my car{cause we just had it painted} saw her white paint on it that it was them...i knocked on her window and gave her a piece of my mind...told her it was no biggy just to watch what she's doing next time.

    I don't think i could ever get surgery either...unless the orangutans get worse than they already are...

    and whomever's blog is bs is def. someone i wont read (i can almost pretty much tell who is a fake and who's real)

    Have a Happy Sunday!:)

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  3. I love reading about people's lives too.

    I found your blog on Think of me Thursday (sorry it's so late)! Have a great Sunday!

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