Monday, August 23, 2010

Teen Pregnancies

Hello Yall! Welcome to any New Followers! I have just recently Found Out that another TEEN in my Family is expecting [ making it 2 TEENS in My Family] a baby!! this is becoming an Issue!

Today I will Blog about something that is a big Issue, Teen Pregnancy. Although what everyone else does is not my bussiness nor do I want to make it My bussiness, it is an issue that hits close to Home... At Age 18 [Late 2006] I found out that my 14 year old cousin [We will Give her the Letter "A" was pregnant and would only Be 15 when her baby girl would be born, she had her at 32 weeks weighing onli 2 lbs. I am not saying That being 15 is the reason she could not carry her baby to term but the situation is alot more difficult being that Young, I can only think back now to the frustration of not knowing what my newborn and even still what my 19 month old wants, this is all with the Help of mY wonderful husband who helps [Id like to say 50/50... but id be lying he does alot so Ill go with 25/75 with me being the 25] alot. Her daughter is Now a healthy Little 3 year old.

When I had My son I lived in norfolk Va and I had only 1 friend at that time that was pregnant all my other friends were still living their Lives [ So I thought] When we moved back to Northern VA i Foudn out that almost 72% of my Highschool classmates had kids wow! Most of them about 3 or 4 years old [ i graduated in 2006 so some had kids before highschool ended or right out of highschool]

any ways moving On we Moved back to Northern VA September 2009 when My Husband separated from the navy Shortly After I find out that My 17 year old cousin [She will Be "B" who was just starting off her senior year is Pregnant! It was a Big dissapointment to my dad who had raised her.... Now the story to that is she has lived with my parents since she was little till she was about 6 then moved in with her mom untill she was 11 or 12 then back to my parents the summer of 2009 she decided she didnt want to be stuck at home she wanted to HAVE FUN so she left to her moms house my dad told her if she left couldnt go back. [ reason being he didnt raise her one way to have her mom undo it in one summer, and she wasnt going to go do what ever she wanted all summer then go home like it was nothing] so summer ended and she thought she could go home but she was wrong she had to pack her things and go live with her mom a few short weeks later we find out shes pregnant from her summer "FUN" She gave Birth to a full term [Late] baby Boy weight 8 lbs this past June Cute as can be! [On a side Note she Graduated Highschool walked the stage and received her diploma, although Her Boyfriend after having spent her entire pregnancy away at military school so he could graduate, ended up still missing credits had to get a GED... regardless CONGRATS]

A month or so before her baby was Born [Like early May 2010 or so] a new discovery that "A" was Pregnant AGAIN!!!! Wow. I found out and was told not to say anything although Others said she was dumb and stupid it has already happened and shes old eough to deal with the decisions she has made. She is Due Late December with a Baby Boy! she is Just 18 Just finaly finished Highschool and has yet to start college and will have 2 kids by the end of her first semester of college assuming she goes this semester, She has her Bf/Fiance with her But I am only a few years Older and still Face challenges I cant even begin to imagine the things she has faced and will continue to face.

Now, I see my cousins whom i have not seen in months and find out that Now there will be a new baby in our Family "C" is now 12 weeks Pregnant She is 17 and has not yet started her Junior year in Highschool [she got held back] She is determined to finish High School [ A+ to her on that, and has already started looking for a Job] I hope she does better than "A" and "B" when it comes to saving and being prepared. Her baby is due Early March, She just recently told her Mom who was beyond upset! She seems alot less stubborn when it comes to what has been done and alot more mature about the situation.... meaning she knows its not going to be easy shes not Living in a fantasy Excited about all the new clothes her baby will wear shes more concerned with how much she can save before he baby gets here [Another A+ on that]

~ Although it is ok to be excited and enjoy this time It is not ok to get lost in all the excitement and forget that 9 months will Fly by and there will be a baby and Money needs to be saved not just spent buying things ~

A Friend of "B" is also Pregnant due in October Not yet graduated [same age as "B"] we will Call her "D"... She was Living with her Boyfriend and well She did not keep her first baby since they were not ready but ended up being put in the same situation and she decided that this time she would deal with the results of her mis judgement. He on the other hand said if she kept her baby he would leave her so she ended up moving back to her moms ... Now the story to that: she moved out to live with her boyrfriend because her mother was very strict with her and her sister seeing how she was only 16/17 or what ever she wasnt allowed out with her boyfriend well she turned 17/18 and she moved out and changed schools and that is when al this baby mess happened! she had no where to go and Had to go back home she is now awaiting Her precious baby Boys Arrival in october!

and to add another Letter to My Alphabet here:

This is one i am not to close with she is an aquaintance through once of my Alphabet letters [wich i will probably give away in this post some where lol] well any ways she will be "E"! she is about the same age as all of then not sure if she finished highschool I know her son was born 1 week before my son [ about] and she is now as far along as "A" so an 18 year old [ im guessing maybe younger] pregnant about 21 weeks with a 19/20 month old son? whose BF just recently got out of Jail and they are bringing another precious Baby into this world!

"A"- Got off a little easy. She stayed with her dad when her mom told her she had to leave. and moved in with her boyfriend after that His mom has helped take care of her and the baby and well her BF mom has a child care [and of course the loving Aunties!] so she wont struggle with baby # 2

"B" - Had it a little Harder! she had to live with her mom and then I offered to rent her a room in my town home and she decided to live with her BF when she couldnt [ her bf family wouldnt pay for it anymore] afford it! she moved in With her Bf family [since he was away at military school] His family was unpleasant with her and once the baby came things got worse [ only thing worse than telling a new [stubborn] mom what to do with her new born, is actually doing it behind her back and having her catch you!] eventually the family Fued drove her to Move out and back into her moms, now she is playing the single mom role while daddy plays the single with no kid role. The family Wants to see the baby and he does too no doubt But hes just not that into it.

"C"- will Have it the worst, she has a horrible attitude and her mom already has a 1 year old and like 4 other kids! so she will probably have to leave.

"D"- Did not learn from her mistake repeated it again and will soon finish realizing that the grass isnt always greener on the other side!

"E"- Can we just say irresponsible!

I wish i could have something positive to say! I wish i could congratulate all these Mommies and Mommies to be with out having that fear for them in the back of my mind. Wondering What if... I care for them all deeply and this isnt just an Issue around me this is an issue every where! I Hope they all succeed and that they dont have to struggle like their parents did like mine did, and they accomplish all they want out of Life

I wish them all the Best! and hope they get on some SERIOUS Birth Control!



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  2. All I can say is wow! I can't place any judgment on them because I was a teen mom too. On my side of the grass I was put into parenting classes and I received a lot of help from my family. They are going to need a lot of help in-order for them to make it through their first years of parenting.

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  5. Great post. Teen pregnancy is a very big issue I agree and it seems to be on the rise. I live in a small town in Canada and I know of 3 teenage pregnant girls right now.

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