Monday, March 1, 2010

Love the Blue & Green!

These are two Of my Favorite Colors and I thought worked well together, they complimented each other very well. This Look was Created Using Eye Shadows From BhCosmetics 120 Palette Edition2, E.L.F Primer, Gel Eye Liner E.L.F Mascara, Revlon Eye Liner, and E.L.F Glitter Liquied Liners.

  1. Cover Your Lid with Your Primer
  2. Pack the lower Part Of your lid with the green eye shadow
  3. Use the other side of your brush and pack the blue eyeshadow on your Brow Bone
  4. Use the blending Brush to blend the two colors together for a seamless look.
  5. use a smaller brush for your highlight color and put your highlight color below your brow
  6. use the same brush you used for your highlight and select a black and lightly put it in the crease.
  7. blend the black into the green and Blue
  8. Use your Gel Eye Liner to Line Your top Lid [Pencil or liquid eye liner works just as well]
  9. Put on mascara
If you want to add the Design on the side
  1. from the tail of your lid eye liner trace it out and slightly curl It two times
  2. Use the glitter Liner to dab little dots on top of the eye Liner

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