Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lets Answer some questions *Wednesday*

Time to strut your naughtiness ladies and gents!

List 3 naughty things you've done this week...

  1. I called Out sick from work so I could Have the same day off as The Mr.
  2. I spent a Little more than I should have shopping [I'm Sure The Mr. wont Mind but still feel Guilty.. On the Plus side I LOVE the things I Bought Lol]
  3. I ratted some one out To get EVEN!


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The Questions

1. What is your favorite Halloween Costume, or What are you going to let your kid(s) be for Halloween this year?

My Favorite is anything Winnie the Pooh Lol My LO this year I am Not sure what he will Be, and Im also Not sure Of my Costume still Not ready to think about Halloween!

2. What extracurricular activities were you apart of in High School/College?

Wow, Well In Highschool I did Cheerleading, Football, Soccer, Out Door Track, Journalism, in Military School I did Band, Drill Team, Out Door Track, and Softball,

3. How did you come across blogging?

I started Blogging In 2007 when I was in my first pregnancy {which i did not carry to term} and Continued with My 2nd Pregnancy but ended Up closing My other Blog account.

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