Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Geez Friday is taking FOREVER

Wow Almost 200 Followers
 [Got almost 100 New followers in less than 2 weeks]
Its Finally Wednesday 2 days Untill this weekend... The Hubs and I have recently [Like today and yesterday] Been talking about taking another Mini Vacation Before he leaves and we Move... I  know I know How many times a year do I have to travel well Who cares I like it! and Yes You Guessed it Our Plan is PR again! To see his Family  and Spend some days in Isla Verde, and Maybe Finally Get Up to see Rincon and Cabo Rojo. But this is still In the Process in being Discussed he said he'd think about it [which most likely means yess  god willing] [I just had a naked man run Out the shower and jump in bed with me... Dont worry It was the LITTLE MAN.. so its not creepy at all! lol]

as for other News as some of you May Know I was an Athlete In Highschool so Sports were my Life. Since the LO i have not played sports at all well I have recently Signed Up for the Fall Coed Soccer team [Imma Kick ass!] Our first Game is this Sunday... Last Time I Played sports was 2008 while I was pregnant I thing about 12 weeks.. We spent most of yesterday Playing soccer with The LO [HES A CHEATER! He gets too many Hand balls lol]

And Finally  Our Classes! On top of Normal Course Work I Have Finally Decided on the classes I will be adding for the 2nd half of the semester,  additional Photography Classes that are not part of the degree But I would Love to HAVE! The Mr. Is looking into some but as he will not be here he might not be taking any  I also Saw Some Other Ones But Lets not get ahead of Myself lol Ill look into them for January.
"30 Days of Truth"
yay Half Way there

Day 15 → Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it

Well Ill do both as far as "Something" Ill say Laptop [which of course has to come with internet] I probably could live with out it But wouldn't want to. i had to do with out internet for 2 weeks while the Mr. was Underway during My pregnancy that was CRAZY I do everything Online! so I have had to live without it and i was damn near ready to go insane.

As for "Someone" I'd say My LO! i have not tried living with out him but I cant be away from him for too Long. Even while at work I call to check in visit during Lunch and rush home to play with him [Of course when im with him He annoys the daylights out of me.. But then gives me that Little gap toothed smile and its all better]

"30 Day Blog Journal"

Day 8 - a photo that makes you angry/sad
A Gift from the Mr. For Christmas 2007
I would Have Posted an U/S pic of my first pregnancy but as sad as it makes me to think I dont have my angels here with me I know they are in a better place and with gods help I got sent a new Blessing. Had god not decided to keep the angels with him I never would have met my LO! so Instead I post a Picture of My Princess who got sick and passed away and in every Photo I look she is there with my LO playing sleeping or eating with him... and that makes me smile but then I get sad that she left us too Soon. I even helped her through her delivery.
Now I will be a photo Whore and Post a few Photos of my princess when she was with us!
After hours of Labor the Puppy was stuck and would not come out It suffocated it was coming out feet first
Sleeping Like a baby in Mommys Arms
Sleeping On My Boobie

LO with the Princess

"A Picture a day"
Week 3 "Routine"
Day 17
And as a Nightly routine Before bed I Post My next days Post as I'm Doing right Now since I never know when ill have time to get on during the day. its become part of my Daily routine =D

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  1. Hi Ladii,
    Those pictures are so sad of your dog... my sympathies... I just wanted to check in on your special Hop day and say hello! Keep up the good work on your blogging efforts.

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  7. Interesting post! I'm your newest follower! Would love for you to check out my blog and do the same!!

  8. Ladii, i feel the absolute same way about my little terror, Evangelina! When I am away from her I miss her like crazy but when we are together for too long I am ready to pull my hair out times, but then she cuddles up closes and gives me a big squeeze and a kiss and everything is better. You are beautiful and your LO is so adorable.
    I'm so sorry about your dog also. Its hard to lose that special friend like that.

  9. Hi Ladii, Wow 200 followers. Can't wait till I get there. I have chosen you for a blog award. To accept, just visit my blog, Have a great day!

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  11. What a sweet-looking dog! Losing a pet is the worst but I'm glad you have so many great pictures of her to share. And your routine pic was creative. I wouldn't have thought of that!