Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can Friday Get here already?!

Another day Of just The LO and me The Mr. got home Late as usual only this time i was dumb enough to believe he'd be here on time and waited lol DAMN IT!
 But any ways as mentioned he did have something to say about yesterday "30 days of Truth" Post lol[of course he would.. cuz it wasnt about him] all he had to say was "tommorows better be about me!"
so as promised to the Mr. here Goes a Mini Rant about Him! So he had to get his check cashed so i send him off to the bank and give him directions and of course he has the navi too![keep in mind he took down 3 addresses from online] an hour or so later I call and I ask,
  where are you? his response "Im so fucking Pissed! im on my way home now...."
ok did you deposit the check? "NO! i couldnt Find it"
Are you fucking Kidding me?? youre joking right?? "No !"
Ugh just get home you just wasted an hour of my time!
any ways he arrives home LO is in the tub having an afternoon bath, and I head out to cash his check! I leave at 2:39 and return by 2:56 yes LO was still in the middle of his bath well actually he was sitting on the potty he had to poo in the middle of his bath so climbed out and then after his wiping he climbed back in! lol  Any ways i was furious at his Slowness today [this is why I DO EVERYTHING MYSELF to avoid this stress!] ... Happy baby you're in todays post! I LOVE YOU... [Wheres my Brownie?!?! lol do i get a Massage today... [who am I kidding of course I do thats A nightly routine for us =D, lol he knows whats good for him lol j/k he enjoys it.. and if he doesnt he better smile and pretend he does lol]]

"30 Days of Truth"
Day 14 A hero that has let you down. (letter)
A Hero???? hmmm... its a Tuffy. ive had several people let me down none that i would consider a hero.Ill think about this one and be back later during the day to post.

"30 Day Blog Journal"
Day 7 - a photo that makes you happy
there are somany so ill cheat and post 2!!

I dunno But seeing My two Mr.'s Makes me smile! Seeing My Mr. being a daddy Makes me smile even More! They are the reason I wake up with a smile in the morning especially My mini Mr. who climbs on me with a big cheese on his face like he knows he shouldnt be here but doesnt care cause he knows mommy loves him and wont kick his ass like she swears she will do! ["Get back in there or i will spank you" he just smiles and runs up to me lol How can i spank him??? empty threats  haha he is figuring this out Too soon!]

"A picture a Day"
Week 3 "Routine"
Day 16
Grocery shopping!
So what kind of mother and wife would I be if grocery shopping werent part of my routine[Maybe a working one ,but hey I do that too!] So todays Routine Photo is at the grocery store! now i will Cheat and post another from our trip today!

Yes thats him stealing stuff in the inside of his car!

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