Sunday, September 26, 2010

Its Game Day!!!

2nd Game for Our team! Lets Hope for A WIN!
I can Feel It we are winning Todays Game Game is at 8:40 am!

Game Update
Technically We Won due to a forfeit! Their team did not show Up On time as the game was at 8:40am It was Rainy and Cold!  Lets Just say a Little Longer and the Only Game I would Have been Playing would Have been In My sleep! Lol  We Did give the other team A few Of Our Players so that we could atleast Scrimmage and We One that so either way Its a WIN for our team! YAY!!!

I wasn't as tired this game But Boy was I Hurting! The Minute the Game Started I Pulled My Hamstring and it was sore I guess after a while It got warmed up and it was good But  My Inner thighs Oh No! It did slow me down I did manage to get In a Few Good kicks and Shoves, LOL!

Random Thought: IM HURTING!!!


"30 Days of truth"
Day 26  Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?
Giving Up On Life Yes ending My life Not that I can remember. There have been times when I have felt so overwhelmed with what has been happening, when I lost Angels My first thought was WHY? my 2nd one was HOW? and then I Just didnt want to deal with anything Just wanted to be left alone I slept and Just didnt want to be bothered and just as suddenly as they were Gone I decided that Crying wouldnt Bring them back I never got to meet them but They Lived Inside of me, so it hurt just as badly, and Surely My angels and God Sent me a Little Miracle to help ease My pain! Hes My Little Turtlle!

"10 Random Days" of Me
Day 1: Ten things you want to say to ten people right now.
Jayden-You're so Cute When You're asleep
Juan Carlos- Come Home I miss You [I need you Im sore lol]
Brian- Happy Birthday Boo
Katie-Bring Me My Baby Landen
Abuela- Get well Soon
Kelsie- Love you Slut!
Suzana- Stay In Florida its the Best Thing For You!
Lisa- I hope things are well and You dont Have too Much Drama
Priscilla- It was so Great FINALLY seeing You!
Ivan- STFU you're so loud!
Im In a Blah Kinda Day lol So My Post is very Blah!


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