Friday, September 24, 2010

Lets Hope today Goes Better!

After Going to sleep last Night This morning at 2am i feel well rested My LO woke me up at 9 and daddy took him to go watch some tv, play, and have breakfast and I got to sleep like 2 more hours or so! I will definately be energized for when the Mr. leaves for work lol...

Im Having an OK Hair Day Meaning that after washing it last night it didnt get all tangled up in curls and didnt wake up to a Fro! the curls are in tact and looking decent enought to roll out the bed with and head to walmart to buy some diapers! So Today is definately Already
A Better day
Now its off to clean before doing some last Minute errands
Mommy's Little Helper!
Fridays Rant
Before I went to sleep 
OK Now lets start Over Now that Im back home and my little Monster I mean Prince is sleeping and Not running around like a little Taz Trying to break Everything Including His NECK!

So Our car is Finally out of the Shop so we thought! After Spending all Morning driving around In the Honda 03 whos Ac decided not to work any more Yay me! we go to the DMV to get tags title and what Nots for the Mini Van that has been in the shop for 2 months because this mechanic was BSing meand wasnt fixing the car! so we had it taken to a new Mechanic!
 I go pick it up give this guy his money cars running good, but Now the MINI Vans AC stopped working [ is something going on do to this damn heat??] regardless thats the least of my concerns the cars good and its lien free! as Im driving home the damn thing starts SMOKIN WTF!!! 
oh hell no I call the hubs who had to turn around to come meet me some guys pulled into the neighborhood to check out the car and the mechanic came to see what was up he took the car back to the shop and well Hes hoping it will be ready on saturday something went wrong with the transmission but he will also be looking into the AC and speedometer! so Godwilling all will be good. 

Any ways that was My friday Vent The MR. had the Day off so that was Fantastic But Back to work tommorow and well Monday He has to go a few hours away for his job and I want to go with and most Likely Will But... The LO is a pain Hopefully i can have My cousin watch him till we get back lol but i feel so guilty even leaving him while i go work unless hes with the MR. Any ways have a great Friday Yall and dont forget to LINK up In My Finally Friday Blog Hop!


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