Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rough Morning
So Saturday has been nothing Like I expected! I was woken up at 5 am by a whiny Little almost 2 year old who was standing next to my bed wanting to climb in... Ok I let him, I later woke up Panicing thinking I had woken up late for work only to find out it was only 7ish  i glance over at the Mr. his head is hanging off the bed and my back hurts from sleeping against the night stand... LO on the other hand has his arms and legs spread snoring like a little grizzly bear! WTH! I try to catch a few more ZzzZ's before 8 and then finally decide to get up! 

Burning Building!
Well Near My Grandparents restaurant [which is where i was going to help out since she broke her leg!] a building about a block or so from there Was on FIRE! I went to drop off an employee at her house and saw an emergency response unit flying down the road, I figured ok another accident.. but as im heading back i see the smoke Going up like crazy [yes the one day i was too lazy to put my camera in my purse cuz the darn things were all on chargers! grrr!]  i figure ill drive down to see the whole Block of buildings had caught fire. there were people standing everywhere! there were about  4 or 5 Fire trucks on different sides of the building trying to contain the fire that was rapidly spreading [this was at about 11 am]  they had the ladders out and hoses going Off [ i must admit it was pretty cool seeing that in action!] By the time i left [around 3:15 pm] that whole road was still blocked off  and you could see the windows of where the fire had initially started! wow! between my grandmas Mishap[ of falling as she stepped out of her house and breaking her leg] and this fire, well just comes to show you how unexpected life really is!

HomeComing 2010
I made It Home and The Mr. Rushed out as I was trying to shower! Yay NOt so Sexii Saturday Afterall Hmmm??? Well I did Get to photograph my Little brother His Girlfriend their friend Danny And His Date[I didnt Catch Her name Lol  But She was a little surprised when I randomly pop out of nowhere Taking photos] They all Look so Cute... Gosh How Theyve grown! Makes me realize How Much older I am! lol HOMECOMING 2010 wow Their senior Year and 4 years  since I graduated By the time they graduate it will have been 5 years.. Where does the time go???

Any ways These photos were snapped real Fast since they had already spent like an Hour at a friends house taking pictures and came back to My moms since their dinner reservations werent untill 8:30

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  1. oh's gram doing....i hate fires...i'm so scared of them...def. have a few fears of dying -in a fire, drowning or being shot! ughh! 5 is way too early for meh...u had one hellofa day my lady! hope you have a super nice rest of the weekend:)