Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feels like a Sexii Saturday!

Today Feels Like the kinda Saturday where You wake up and just want to look Your best! You feel great well rested and Hella Sexii!! Sadly I havn't gone to bed yet lets hope i feel that way when i have to wake up in the Morning... One things for sure It will be a Sexii Saturday Night! I plan On getting all Dolled up for no apparent reason Besides looking good on Saturday Night [nvm just remembered its my little brothers senior year home coming and i will be helping his Tramp I mean girlfriend get ready and dealing with his "Need to act like a girl because i have to look perfect" needs, while keeping track of a speedy gonzales almost 2 year old!] Then its sexii time lol
The Mr. Being Silly After His Birthday Dinner 9/5/10
Random Thought: Butter Scotch Hard Candy is so Yummy!!

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"30 Days Of Truth"

Day 25  The reason you believe you’re still alive today.
Um because My Mom Decided to Have me! [ Im only joking but that is a HUGE contributing factor!] I believe Im still alive today Because I have not yet accomplished all i am supposed to in this Life time, god has a greater plan for me and until I fulfill his  Plans I will remain a part of this earth
"30 Day Blog Journal"

So LO napped Until 9pm Friday Night that was about 4.5 Hours?!?! and went back to bed at about 12:30am this Morning But had been whiny to go to bed sooner... Im starting to get concerned went down with out a fight, I mean Im greatful but anytime he acts funny I feel something is wrong. 
he did spend alot of time running around and playing so maybe he is Just Tired! Anyways I have a Busy Morning Ahead Of me! Between getting The Mr.'s Pay Check to the Bank [Im so happy to say this paycheck Is more than expected] then Work, then Back Home so The Mr. Can stop by his Job and get affairs in Order before Monday [when we will be driving to deal with More Work related things] I just Hope The Car is out of the Shop tommorow. I need My Van I need more space for The Little guy i Hope every One enjoys Their weekend!

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