Monday, September 20, 2010

Sore Monday

yesterdays game..... 
after we showed up late & had no time to warm up and stretch im sore as hell!

Random thought: I'm REALLY craving zucchini

The Mr. and I Discussed upgrading The Camera Situation and Although I totally Deserve it cause im such a great and wonderful Mommy and wife [My words not His lol] we decided  Just because we have money we shouldn't Blow it... Especially not in the middle of our Move... So Christmas or Birthday It is!

We did decide On getting me a New Lens, Im Shopping around but they are SUPER expensive [Might aswell get the new camera lol] But there was one other thing I Want NEED and it is something i can Use at home for all My projects cuz my old One is getting well Old! so Maybe I will Upgrade that It wont be More than the kleats so... Maybe for October!
UPDATE on My Picture a Day Challenge I will take a Picture a Day But will post The full week on one post at the end of the week. at least this week where I wont  get Much time to be online especially not Uploading...
Hope every One has a Wonderful MONDAY!
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"30 days of truth"

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I'm Against ILLEGAL Drugs [there should be harsher Laws and Punishment for people caught using and Distributing them], All For OVER THE COUNTER and PERSCRIPTION drugs [lol], and all for Alcohol in MODERATION [Social drinking] TOTALLY AGAINST ABUSIVE ALCOHOLICS!![They should have MANDATORY REHAB]

"30 day Blog journal"
Day 13 - a fictional book
Harry Potter =)


  1. What a cute shot! And, I'm with you...illegal drugs are no good!

  2. Following from admirer monday...and I totally agree with the mandatory rehab!!

  3. Adorable photo of you and the little one. Look at those awesome curls! :)

    Thank you for sharing with us for Mommy and Me Monday. ♥

  4. I love your baby's curly hair and those eyes!

  5. Cute shots :D

    Happy Mommy n me monday :D

  6. Zucchini YUM:) I must be hella blind cause I read her page and read it again and still don't see where she said shadows but I guess it's shadows:) We'll get a working on those! How was your weekend lovely:) hope good ...i'm so glad a new week is here...maybe i'll get a little closer to NY:) haha (wishful thinking)

    your such a good poster! love it!:) I hate walmart! I will never shop there...uckkk...haha

  7. happy monday! love ur eye makeup! And ur lil one is too cute!
    hopping over from mommy and me monday :)

  8. That Lil' Mr. is one cutie pie for sure! I'm your latest follower! Hope you play along today in our 4M’s Monday’s Music Moves Me! It’s Freebie week too. Pick a video/song whatever moves you! Become one of our Spotlight couple next week too if you sign our linky! I’m still stuck on the boogie! What I’ve chosen is one my old favorites to dance too: “BETTY DAVIS EYES!” ROCK ON!

  9. We are now following you!! Found you on Blog Hopw!!! We would love it if you could follow us too!!!

    The Coupon Cents Sisters
    Julie and Adele

  10. Sending prayers and blessings to your abuela! Stopped by to say hello from Admirer Monday!