Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday [About Our day]

As I Have some Down Time while The Little Man Enjoys a golden oreo cookie I will Post about My Sunday! Well The LO did Not Let us sleep In! in Fact He decided 5 am [ keep in mind we went to bed at a little after 4 am] was good enough for him to Come Crawling around Our room and Into Our bed! ANd slept with us till about 9 then he woke up and well Did what ever for a good hour before he started getting Wild and crazy and woke us both Up!
 Lol So we decided to go out and buy a few things for  us after we fed our LO Brunch! Well the Rest Of the afternoon was Just as Exciting[Not] lol We hung Around LO took his Nap and the Mr. and I Looked at Classes to take for 2nd Half Of this semester starting In October.  I'll Let You Know what those will be once they are set In stone [There better be availability!]
 Our evening we spent it Playing Games as a Family of 3 Lol ! The Little Man Hands Us Pieces that We need when hes not Busy counting them [he gets up to 4 and starts over.. there could be like 50 but in the end its "4" lol] or throwing them at the dogs or just putting them in his Mouth. We had a game of "Uno",  a Game of "Life" [ I ended up wth 3 Kids 2 girls and 1 Boy haha YEA RIGHT] and then 2 games of "Monopoly Cards".... I will shamefully Add I Lost Evry one of those Games and on the last Game of Monopoly i mixed the cards before The Mr. could say he won LOL!!! 
 Any Ways Recap On the Last 2 weeks of My 365 day Project-"A Picture a Day" This weeks theme is "Routine" Hmmm  This should be Interesting Ill try to step out Of My Comfort Zone... I said TRY!

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  1. I love the redesign!
    So much space now though I will miss all the gorgeous color and bling of the other template.

    Nice to hear you had a peaceful day. Us too, we kinda vegged on the couch since it was so hot again. Tomorrow got to get all caught up.

    have a good night and try to get some sleep.