Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Madness!

Sooo Much to do this week! UGH! When will I get this well deserved sleep I've been asking for?? lol any Ways Most of yall Know that as a Mom and wife well Your needs are last [DAMN IT!] and as a working Mom and Wife well your needs are damn near Non Existent! soo Ill Wipe away that one tear I just let out [Lol J/k] and keep Living Life [Damn right imma get me that sleep!]  Any Ways...

Hope all Of you had a GREAT weekend! seemed Kinda Short! hope this week feels Just as short as this weekend! NVM that means the Mr. will be gone and and its just me and the Mini Mr. haha [for my sanity I better get that sleep before he leaves!!] any ways Onto the challenges

"30 Days of Truth" 

Day 13 → A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.) 

Wow! as soon as I read this Only one thing came to Mind... Deployments! No Communication with Your SO For days no Phone Calls and then Hearing about something Horrible happening While they are Gone Ugh the worst feeling ever. Before the Mr. I Dated a Guy who was Gone for about a year and a half, we grew up together and we were "Gonna get married" [ as all Kids/Teens Plan to do with their BF...] well this was decided since we were like 10! funny thing was I couldn't stand him as a kid He just annoyed me but as I got older like 8 or 9 we turned into Best friends and at 10 we decided we were going to get married! of course we weren't even BF/Gf yet but "We were going to get married". Well after a few years of dating being friends and finally starting a Serious relationship he Enlists in the U.S Army only to find out he will soon be deployed! My heart nearly broke the feeling I got was indescribable! But I sent him off With a Promise that I'd be here when he got back as I always had been as His Best friend. he didn't want to be selfish and make me wait but it didn't matter, as promised I waited [he was no Longer My BF] but i Decided I would not date Until he came Home. I stayed true to that. 

The song that Got me through this although it depressed me gave me some sort of comfort that i was not the only one going through this was "Come Home Soon" by SheDaisy. The smile on My face when I saw him Come through Those doors at work was big enough to make my face hurt! Although Feelings had changed during that year and a half and I could no longer see him as a BF, he is still and will Always continue to be my Best Friend... [Im sure My darling Mr. will have something to say about this Post]

"30 Day Blog Journal" 

Day 6 - 20 of my favorite things 

1. Chocolate 2.Brownies 

3. Massages 4.Pedicures 

5. Manicures 6. Writing 

7.Cooking 8.Jewelry 

9. Trips to the park 10. Photography 

11.Spending time With my Family [the Mr. & the Mini Mr.] 

12. Dogs 13.My Laptop 

14. My Cameras [all 3 especially My Nikon] 

15.T.V 16. Sewing 

17. Dancing 18. Date Nights 

19. Surprises [lol gifts that I know about of course] 

20.  SEX! [My FAV.!]

"A Picture a Day"
Week 3 "Routine"
Day 15

Well this is Simple! [Bath Time] 
His schedule goes Nap, Dinner, Bath, then play time some things 
might change like dinner comes later he plays before bath or he just baths and goes straight to sleep One things for Sure he never misses his bath! [Yes I purposely put the bucket to cover his goodies!]

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  1. What a cute pic of your son! Smart way to cover him up too! The green of the bucket really stands out.

  2. love the new look! and your list rocks applesauce!:) rub a dub dub:) cutie in the tub! enjoy the week!

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  5. Just wanted to let you know that you are my Featured Blog this week on my blog hop. Thank you for supporting me.

  6. Love the picture... too cute :-) Thanks for visiting me over at 2Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy mom today; I'm following you via GFC now....Love your blog :-)