Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Final Day "30 Days of Truth" 
Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself 
Dear Beautiful, 
Through The years You Have Grown, Changed Your Crazy ways, Gotten Married, and Brought Life Into this world. With All your faults You are a great mother. You are always thinking of your Family First, Including Your Mom Dad Brother and Sister. You are always Trying to help people out, and striving for better things and to have a better life. You don't settle with what You have, You want more. All the crazy, Irresponsible, and Bitchy Things You did Made you Who You are today. I Love How You are Big enough to Overlook all the harm others have Done and Live as if it never happened, There is no use in Putting that burden on yourself when those people probably aren't even thinking about it. I Love How you don't care What others Think, Not Just about you, But also about what you do, How you Look, or how you believe your son should be raised. I love Your Intelligence and thirst to learn More. You put Your dreams on Hold for your family and have again started on the slow track to making them a reality, and soon enough will be on the fast track. I love how In all this time You haven't Lost sight of what you want. I Love Your want to try new things. To others you may just be Indecisive, But those who know you, Know that You are just too ambitious to just want to settle for one thing. You see beauty In Most things, and Love to capture that through photography, You love color and try to incorporate that in all things that you do. I Love how you aren't afraid to speak your Mind, and tell it how it is. I love how when Others think something Might not look right on you, you don't give a fuck, Because its not how they all see you or how you look but how you feel and think you look in what you are wearing. I Love how you try and play little silly games with Jayden no matter where you are, How everytime you leave the house Carlos and Jayden are always on your mind. I love the small gestures that You do like bringing them Home a piece of candy cuz you know they will just LOVE it. Through all the Bumps, Hard Times, Financial stress, and Crazy Years, I am proud to say I LOVE THE PERSON YOU HAVE BECOME AND THE PERSON YOU SEEM TO BE BECOMING EACH DAY! 
Love Always,
The Onli Person who knows you as well as You know Yourself ;)

"30 day journal" 
Day 23 - a youtube video 
Well this is a Music Video, Its been Who Knows how Long since I last saw this or even heard this song and wow Yes it brought tears to my eyes and as soon as i wiped them away an new set of tears formed!

"10 random days" 
Day 5: Six things you wish you could change or wish you would have never done. 

1. I wish Instead of having Lost My angels They would have just been born early and then I would have ended up pregnant with My LO and that way I wouldn't have missed out on either one of them! 
2. I wish I still Had My Puppy Princess with me 
3. I wish I could be done with my degree this year 
4. I would like to change the day My grandma Broke her leg and Let her sleep in an extra hour to where she was running late. 
5.I wish I would have kept playing sports even after I graduated, For longer than the first year after graduation 
6. I wish I weren't so Great so I wouldn't have stalkers up My ass all the time lol


With Our LO we  use the Word "NO" ALOT! I have emphasized to the Mr. about using different phrases such as "Dont DO that" and "We dont touch that" also for other things such as hot plates and such instead of "NO" which 95% of the time turns out to be ineffective, due to some Sick pleasure of his to Mess with me we try and say things Like "Hot" and put our hands up and Blow [ill see if i can find a picture we took with alyssa and our friend monica.] Found It!! Ok well In this Picture, Alyssa Had tried Climbing on Mommy to play with the Pasta so i quickly put my hands up and said "HOT" and Jayden also Repeated it and Monica Caught on and Joined In.... as you can see Alyssa also Did It didnt Last BUT it distratected her, Maybe Long enough to kep them From danger But in this Case she put her hands in the pasta!

 I am a spanking Mommy, I do believe in spanking But I believe in spanking  when needed, thats also the same with yelling at him, I use a stern voice for most of it Unless he is in danger when I will Yell at him i guess from the nerves, he gets times out normally on the other side of the couch especially when he is having a Meltdown and Only Long enough for him to calm down as soon as he hears You sit there untill you stop crying he looks up smiles and i ask are you done and it is either 1 of two things A) he starts Crying all Over again or B) continues on his merry way. 

Time Out Moment In PR, no spanking no yelling
a Stern Voice and sat Him down.. he had a Meltdown over
an icecream Cone! and I simply said No we dont do that picked
him up off the ground and sat Him down, we got a Lot of Ish From the
Mr.'s Family for letting him Cry and him being to young to Understand... But as soon as he heard you can have the cone when you STOP crying he sat there quietly.. Sure that he Understands!
For the times when I know he is Testing me for example Wednesday afternoon he was pulling on the curtain with this evil little look in his eye that he knew mommy was about to snap and just kept going at it for about 5 minutes i kept saying no across the room i finally got up and swatted his hand he then proceeds to cry [this was a moody Moment he was tired and needed a nap] Normally i wont swat him unless im just trying to get him to drop something. 

I have spanked him I cant recall an instance when he was doing something dangerous that caused me to grab a flip Flop and smack his right thigh... Yes a flip flop. Some say mean  I say brilliant! the logic behind it is, He sees the flip flop in a moment when he is doing something wrong he quickly settles down, i dont use it to threaten him but its a fair warning mommys comming.... the logic Now, ok  i dont like swatting him or spanking him with my hand because that fear or whatever he might get from the flip flop is not what i want associated with Mommys Hand! thats the hand that mommy uses to love, comfort and nurture him, and also I NEVER DISCIPLINE while I am MAD, i feel people tend to overreact when they are Upset! last thing I want is to hit him hard enough to hurt him just a simple smack to his bottom or thigh and in reality His feelings  are hurt, but he listens.


  1. that letter is beautiful....i saw thirsty thursday as the title but don't see any

    i'll just say that we all have our ways of no way, shape or form is any of us more better of a parent than the other but i've never hit my kids and found other things that do work for me. i think it all comes down to patience and reiterating that he cannot do certain things-sticking to time out chairs and such even if it means you stand right there, place him back in it and stand your ground...the last thing i would ever want my kids to do is hit others or be in an abusive relationship-children learn what they live. i've witnessed it all too much in my life BUT at the end of the day, no matter what anyone says to you about anything, your going to do what you want...just know that your the one making him in to be the man he's going to be:) xoxo

  2. Your final 30 days of truth letter is beautiful! (As are you!) I need to get back to mine.

    Disciplining is soooooooooo hard. I tend to be inconsistent with that...fortunately my husband is the more stern force, so that Not that I tried to make him the bad guy on purpose or anything....teehee!

    Your son in timeout is insanely too cute!