Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hump Day Already?

Im Still Trying to Recover from Last weeks Game, and am already getting ready for this weeks Game! Its Another Game On the same Field At the same time [8:40am] But a whole different team!
[Cause I smell another Win for us]
Any one who knows me will tell you that im not too keen on Girls, for many reasons, Mostly their constant need for attention, from anyone! It's a Little annoying, even Both My Bff'sare like that, and thats why we are better from a Distance. Girls are Two Faced [I know you're thinking NOT ME, damn right you are, thats just our nature im guessing, some of us more than others], I will Tell you straight to your face then continue on after you leave! Any ways the other reason is The WHINY-NESS ugh Can you just STFU!
 So it may come to no surprise to those that know me that I hate playing on all Girl sports teams! I have played with a Few Bad ass Girls in soccer but you have your few ditzy [I need this for a college transcript type shit] Nothing wrong with it Except when they start whining that they hurt, have cramps, broke a nail, are sweating, their hair sucks today, put lip gloss on at half time I mean SERIOUSLY ! you are on an all girls team! you are playing against ALL GIRLS so WHY THE HELL would you want to look cute?!?! Your Horny ass tryna holla at the REF??
Moving on I did cheerleading in highschool, wich I liked and of course these girls were annoying. Senior year i decided to drop cheerleading for Varsity Football, yess all Guys, damn did I get hurt!
Ok so By now You know I HATE playing with girls because they are whiny!
Now Recentky I joined a COED Adult soccer league and we onli have about 5 girls and thats because 4 have to be on the field at all times![but 1 chick never shows up which leaves no subs and no breaks for the rest of us 4 girls] Well you might be thinking where is this post headed...
Well We have Just Heard that one of our players will not be playing, [Not just this Next Game But infact is trying to quit the team] Due to the last two injuries! This dumbass scraped the elbow the first game, [how do you hurt your elbow?? its Fucking soccer... well the answer: by diving into the ground....] and after the second game was bleeding from the right shin????[ wtf you werent wearing shin gaurds???] that happened in the attempt to slide and get the ball from the other player and i guess the other players kleats did it!
well Back to My point This Mysterious Player  is a MAN! I would have been Maybe just a little bit sympathetic If it were some whiny chick who just cant handle some boo boos BUT  WTF a tall, big MAN[About 5'9 over 200lbs Mostly Muscle you would think hed be playing foodball....] and hes whining about a few Boo Boos? 2 of us girls couldnt even Move but continued to play i dont even have an idea what i hurt I just know it hurts to walk. This Pansy  Manly Man works for my grandmother [who recently broke her leg] and has the nerve to go to her and show her his BOO BOO! i mean it looks like a scratcha thick [not deep] scratch. and my poor grandma had just fallen down that very day trying to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. OMG I joined a team with WHINY GUYS! [hes just one of the other whiners but definately the biggest whiner of them all]... they try to get the ref to call foul for every push and shove or trip and im like forever yelling SHUT YOUR ASS UP!
ANY WAYS this is a GREAT way to start My Morning Venting about The DUMBASS who cant take a Little scratch!

"30 Days of Truth"
Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.
I Hope to Finish My Degree and become a Proffesional. I love being with my LO and Taking care of my home but If it means a better life for Us and No worries for LO later im all for Making that Proffesional Cash, I dont want him to have to worry about not having enough for college like I did!

"30 Day Journal"
Day 22 - a website
Lol mine of course

"10 Random Days"
Day 4: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
1.How much moneys in the bank
2.God I love them
3.How can i get mad at that face?
4.What Should i make for dinner
5.I Deserve more sleep
6. OMG why is he so whiny!!!!
7.Cant I Shower in peace?

lol can you tell im a mom???

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  1. omgosh I think your seven things that cross your mind are the same things that go through my mind! We totally think alike!