Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Update

2009! 18 months married my gift
Back in 08 about 5.5 Months Preggo
2.5 Years

I can Still Remember Celebrating our 6 Months of Marriage! Lol we Celebrated that Day Like it was a long Time. To us,  it was half way through the hardest part [the first year]. Im Sure in another 2.5 Years I will Look Back at Today and laugh Beacuse 2.5 years will seem like nothing by then. Atleast not compared to the 5 years we will have then. But For Now I am Glad to say We have been Happily Married 2 and a half  Long Wonderful years. For Our 1st 6 months of Marriage, we went out to Dinner. For Our 18 months Of Marriage, He got me a personalized Ring with both our Birthstones and our names on it. Now for our 30 months, LMAO I think we are Just Going to Do Laundry and watch a Movie hahaha! [Funny how things Change... No but it kinda just snuck up on us like everything else has Been Doing [Thanks to all this Moving] But Ill be damned if Halloween sneaks up on me [IM WATCHING YOU October 31st!]
Our 2.5 years Update!

<<<<<We didnt end Up doing laundry we actually headed to Blockbuster to rent 2 Movies and headed home to start dinner. He was trying to be helpful I could tell by stirring things watching and asking things needed to be washed. I guess it was his way of being Helpful as part of Our NON celebration. He was cutting Up Mushrooms! Normally I cook and he does the dishes and gets The Jay J. I did find a Nice Surprise, a Strawberry Shortcake MMM delicious! It was store Bought and Only Like 5 Bucks BUT its the thought That Counts! Lol we Had Spaghettis with some Mushrooms in the meat sauce and we sauteed some mushrooms in some "Special" sauce to Go Over it!  a Little Tangy but definately loved our Meal!


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Random Day!

I thought I would Sleep In Today But that was Not the Case at All. The Mr. decoded to Ignore the LO as he tried getting his attention half asleep I woke up to play with Him at 8 am! why does his sleeping patterns Change so much! Got some Cleaning done Have laundry planned for later in the evening, and Finally Got some time to make more Cute little Bows and some cute little flower Clippies. I also did some sewing [lol the curtains needed to be finished]

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  1. My hubby and i celebrate every six months too! We just had our 1 year wedding anniversary last month. Time flies! It feels like we just got married last month, but then again it feel like we have been married 10 years! (In a good way!)

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  4. Happy 2.5 pretty lady!!! Its great to celebrate whenever you can.<3

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