Friday, October 22, 2010

21 Questions (Not Mommy Blog Approved)

   Got Home from Work and after working and coming home to do some wonderful Houswork and then More work Cleaning Up after the Mr. Who dindt Clean up after The Little Monster I took some time and  Was Browsing some Of My Abandoned Favorite Blogs, and This week Ive missed out on so Much UGH i Hvae been super Busy! But any ways while Checking In On Daisy's blog I realized she had posted some Questions So Im Answering The questions while Trying to get LO to nap but he is Busy running around in his Costume Lol which he managed to find and take out of the Costume Bag! Here Goes


1. Have you ever been with a person that didn't have a pleasant smell? Did you tell them?
Sexually? Um No! If you stink You Stink I aint Into No Smells Ive dated a few Stiny Ones and well Thats why Thats all that happened
2. Would you ever or could you ever just watch?
I wouldnt Want to just watch I Probably Could Just Watch but I better be getting some After! I mean If Im being a Tropper and letting You get some SOme better be Giving Me some Later!
3. Can sex just be sex?
Hell yes! Sometimes I just want a quickie Give me Mine get off and Im off to sleep Lol ( you Know the days where all that Forplay really aint doing it cuz well You just want To get to the point!)
4. Do you like oral sex?
Hell yes!
5. Do you swallow?
Eww No!
6. What do you think about anal sex?
OWWW! Lol thats an Exit not an Entrance! ( But Youd Love to hear the Mr.'s Thoughts On it, or just hear him tryna Persuade me into It ... keep Dreaming Baby....)
7. How many times per week do you have sex?
Wow It used to be All the Time and We hit Our Times where everyday Is great then The ones where its like whens the last time we had sex Lol lately Its been One of Those WHens the last time we had sex, Busy Schedules Jobs and a little Monster Yea That makes fro a GREAT No Sex Life!
8. Favorite position?
9. Least favorite position?
Standing Up ( Im Lazy and I get irritated)
10. What do you think about costume fetishes or what is called Furry fandom?
UM I can do Costumes as In dress up as a Nurse maid But Anything Like that Picture LOL I dont Think so What the Hell is that?
11. Do you have a fetish yes or no?
12. care to share what that fetish is?
13. would you rather be with someone who is hot as all hell but not super confident or someone who may just be average but confident in bed?
Definately Average and Confident in Bed People who constantly need to be reminded that they are pretty or Great Or good are just annoying and they aint getting that from Me Im a Bitch and I pretty Much Say YOU SUCK! lol Im not one to be like Youre great!  If youre thin and youw ant me to tell you that Im basically gonna tell you You have gained weight dont expect anything  Nice from me as far as getting compliments Because You are not confident!
14. Shower sex?
Of Course! getting Dirty While Getting Clean
15. Do you ever send provocative pictures via cell phone?
Used to! Lol now I see the Mr. More so  Nope, But I did send some to a few Exes  lol 
16. What is the possibility that your maybe nude photo be found on the world wide web?
On the web Not Sure In a few Computers Or In the Military systems well Theres a good Chance in that one!
17. Could you ever bow chicka bow wow to an audience?
Like are thay just watching To be creepers ( I mean its Kind of a turn on But Im more of I like the excitement Of Alomst getting caught Not Hey wcome watch me and thats it)
18. Have you ever been to a key or tag party?
No Idea what it is But Im guessing NO or else I would know what it is lol
19. Anything that may not be seen as normal get you off?
Um Yes well It might be normal Lol i dunno
20. Would you ever take money for sex?
Of Course! Not from a stranger But  If I really wanted something id have the Hubby pay me for sex Pretty Much thats what he does since hes the one that works But i might be more inclined to do more of what He wants If i wanted something that He wouldnt get me out of the Ordinary
and lastly
21. What is one thing you wouldn't do sexually?
Um  Fisting!  Or DP 


  1. ha ha ha ha ha! Girl I freaking LOVE YOU! LOL! I would so post this but some of my sponsors may not like that. I may need to get you to help me set up another blog for that. :) I am loving your answers & let me tell aren't the only one that is possibly in the military system! I am right there with ya!

    I tagged you over on my post but it is more family friendly than this!

  2. hahaha! This was insane! You are wonderful and i love your honesty with all of it! haha.

    Take care beautiful mama!