Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday 6

After SOme Last Minute Halloween party shopping I had no time left to even finish My costume! GRRR but I have the patern all cut out all I have to do is sew it up and lace it up the ast piece to my costume since I didnt like the dress it came with I decided to add a corset  we will see how this disaster turns out lol... couldnt go to bed without Linking up with My Boobies so here goes Have a great saturday Yall I know I will!

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  • How many hours per night/day do you sleep?

  • Id say on average hmm any where from 6-10 hours depending on if I work Like tonight maybe 6 if i didnt work id get about 9 or 10 ( the mr has been working nights and takes my Pumpkin to watch tv and give him breakfast and lunch so mommy wont be so grouchy!)

  • Night owl or morning person?

  • Night owl I love staying up Late I guess thats hwere the LO gets it from when he knows hes down right tired ( ight now hes staring at me type this while he lays in my bed taking up my space he decided tonight hed scream untill he got to cuddle with mommy!

  • What do you wear to bed?

  • Panties and a Tank top unless my tops are all dirty in which case i go to sleep in panties i will NOT wear t shirts i feel confined and claustrophobic i like plunging necklines even in my sleepl =D

  • Sleep crutches? (Sleep with a radio, fan, t.v. on? Have to have something particular in order to doze?)

  • Definately! I have to Have a fan blowing in my face whether its cold as hell ill triple up on blankets but that helpsme sleep cuz i feel that I breathe better and dont feel claustrophobic and The sound I need the sound if its too quiet It annoys me!

  • Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?

  • usually yes and if for somereason its an awkward one ( trust me They get crazy) I Interpret them The last one I interpreted was a bad one and the dream wasnt bad the interpretation was I was freaking OUT!

  • Any strange stories about sleepwalking/talking or anything of that nature?

  • Hmmm Nope I have woken myself up from time to time by yelling out something very rarely do I actually say what im saying in my dream out Loud But it has happened when I was younger the mr is a deep sleeper so he wouldnt be able to tell me lol


    1. I had to read that you slept that long for about 20 minutes! I get like 2-3 hours and even on the weekends when i don't need to wake early...i get maybe 4-6....ur one lucky motha:)

    2. I enjoyed your answers to these questions--thanks.