Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Quickie!

Ok so I just Got Home from work Not too Long ago Am showered and ready for bed I was checking My Inbox and wow Everytime i dont check my emails every couple of Hours yall Blow me up so I had 16 new emails and honestly i am just TOO tired to go through them all... I did get to My Important ones Lol  So if you got a response tonight then I love You!  No seriously Its just i was waiting on replies from These Chikas Lol ANy ways the rest of you will hear from Me Tommorow if I dont have to work [some one has called out and my granfather asked me to go in to help.. Of course he would he has me doing all this work lol Chenging menu prices dealing with the computer system stuff he is just too Oldschool to understand!]

For Those of you who Have  NOTSIGNED UP  It is OPEN untill SATURDAY so GO SIGN UP
She has a good amount of Entries Already But the more the merrier! Share the Button get others to Join In

Happy Friday Yall Hope you Enjoyed My Quicky!


  1. hope you get a good rest. I would love you to visit me on at

  2. Rest well, love your blog. Would love your to come and see me at mine. I have two.....

  3. omg Do you work nights? Ewwwwwwwwww I can't do that. My body sees light and I'm awake, body says I'm supposed to be awake. I tried it once for a couple of weeks & only made myself sick. Some people can. Some people can't I guess. I have to tell you your baby looks like my granddaughter did when she was little & today's her birthday. She's 12 today! Well, thanks for stopping by. Love your blog. I need to browse around though. So following you! Going to do a post in a little while about my Tatyanna and it being her B-Day if you'd like to see her. Have a great weekend.