Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cox Farm - Photo Whoring!

     This dirty horse licked me, kissed me, damn near made out with me; and Secretly I liked it. 

      Today we took a trip to Cox Farm. We saw farm animals, we got to enjoy a wonderful hay Ride, slide down slides, eat Kettle corn, enjoy some nice cold apple cider, and we even got a free pumpkin.

Our Fall/October Goal this year is to do something fall related every weekend with the LO, until after Halloween. This weekend we decided that we would FINALLY make our way to Cox Farm. It turned out to be a family trip because we went with my aunt and her 5 kids (yes, I know 5? Luckily only 2 are under the age of 10).  

Arriving at Cox Farm you could see all the Pumpkins from far away. The LO went through a Maze as soon as we got there, and then we made our way to the Piglet Area. He loved the Piglets! There was no sign so we took it upon ourselves to feed the piglets some Pringles. LO gave them like 2 pieces and the Piglets were fighting each other. We also took it upon ourselves to name the piglets (Wilber, Babe, Ham, and Bacon. You can thank my two cousins for the last 2 names). We Got to see the baby Calves, who were being Lazy and sleeping and the ginormous cows were too scary! They were eating and when it turned to lick me I screamed, I must have looked ridiculous to all the other parents and children quietly petting the baby calves. The Roosters were moody and well yes i got bitten by one and threatened the dirty thing I was going to make fried chicken out of him. The bunnies were 
ever so sweet, just sat there letting us pet them, while the baby chicks just hid in the corner under their heating lamps. The Ducks were just lazy! They sat right there next to the entrance of the cage but didn't move didn't seem to mind the LO poking them so that was good. The horses were my Favorite! I made a new boyfriend! Haha the horse was very iffy when it came to the Mr. touching him but went crazy when i got near and licked me up and down and almost managed to tongue me! Did I smell Yummy or something?
Eventually we made our way to the infamous hayride my little cousins kept bugging about since the moment we walked in there! It was about a 20 minute ride, where we got to interact with the scenes. In the first part we enter a cornfield where we count down until the aliens appear. Later we get stuck in mud (all Part of the the ride) and there is some huge  person that comes to pull us out! We get to the troll bridge where they ask us to sing a song in order for us to go by or we could just hand over a small child! They thought my Little cousin was Yummy lol wow was she scared at the thought of being given to the trolls. 
The Kettle corn was something my aunt could not stop talking about! she had pulled out her cash at the ATM to make sure she had enough for her kettle corn! It was Yummy we ended up buy a bag too big so yes we have a bunch left over! The apple cider was delicious! They tease you with a tiny dixie cup so that you end up Buying a gallon of the stuff! To end our trip  before you walk out you get to select a free pumpkin per person, and of course walk through the yummy farmers market where you just have to pull out your wallet and buy some things!

we have plans to make another trip before the season ends on November 7th, since this trip was kind of rushed and had to see as much as possible in a 2 hour period! Our LO loved the animals and slides, the Mr. loved the kettle corn($6 for a medium bag) and apple cider($7 a gallon), and I, well I enjoyed the Hayride, seeing My little man Play, and yes You guessed it that Fantastic Kissing Horse.

Now My Photo Whoring!(I managed a little under 200 photos In a 2 hour trip... don't worry i wont post them all)

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  1. Looks like a blast! I would have screamed too if something licked me! LOL!! I'm following from relax and surf sunday!! Your little one is cute with the pumpkins

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