Saturday, October 2, 2010

Its Game Day #3

October is Infant Loss Awarness
Thanks to "Smile a day Giveaway" for sharing
I hope None of you have to experience a Loss Of a Child
and To those that have My Prayers are with You.
I Lost My Angels and am Still Learning To deal, I must admit That Seeing My LO's Smiling Face 
Makes it so Much easier! [yes I feel Guilty... But He is here and I will be with Them Sooner or later]

So the big Whiny Mario Looking Nigga has healed [His scratch] and decided he will continue to play, Freakin Cry Baby! I hope they kick him in the nuts! 

"Creepy Dude"
So at Work Saturday It was Mostly Carry Out Damn it cuz I wanted tips!  I was working Hard [Lol] when all of a sudden some guy walks in kept Eye Fucking me and im like where the hell do I know this Dude from! Omg I got Nervous! Could I have known Him from back in the day [ He was kinda Ugly So i dont think so... I mean I have done my share of community service by helping out the ugly fellas, Im Just so giving! all for Charity]
Well any ways this creeper made me uncomfortable he leaves and some guy comes up and says Some one lost there wallet... i could see the 20's Hanging Out! I was like hmm Ragedy Wallet [ It was supposed to be leather but it was so worn out it felt like Paper! very thin cheap paper] so that might be this Dudes last 20 haha  any ways i set it aside [Cuz i aint one to steal, yes I belive in Karma, and karma aint coming back to bite me in the ass for no damn $20 and a ragedy wallet] Well the guy comes back an hour or so to claim it... Guess who it was?? Yup You guess The Mother Flippin Creeper!!!! Lol Like Dude seriously You made me uncomfortable enough before... why are you back i coulda fedexed that Junk to ya...
Any ways still dont know where this Nigga is from But I didnt Like him!

"30 Day Journal"
Day 26 - your week, in great detail
Oh dear god Help Me Does any one really care about my week?? I mean isnt that what Fawk You Fridays [With Boobies] is for??? 

"10 Random Days"
Day 8: Three turn ons.
-Tall Guys [ Im onlii Like 5'3 so I got plenty of options]
-Big Hands [ You know for Hand Holding Nothing dirty lol]
-Good Smelling Niggas [ like I said I do Charity so If they Jacked up looking and smell good I might consider it Lol who am I kidding id probably laugh]

Actually A little story Back in high school some guy asked me out and I Laughed I swear I thought he was Joking I mean Seriously!! I felt so bad after But  still said no [ i just felt bad for laughing not for saying no] He was FFUGLY[yes a double F] Figure it out!

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