Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Update!!!

"Game Update"
Another win For Our team good thing is this was probably one of the best if not the best team in the league so our challenge is Over. We got a score of 3-0, One goal [that would have made it 4] did not count  since, one of our players was said to be off sides! We got one of our players yellow carded for god knows what and yet the other teams players ONLY got yellow carded when he decided to grab the goalies neck push him down and knee him in the face!!! WTF??? This is what happened: the goalie reached down to  pick up the ball dropped it then continued to get it off the ground, the other player [Number "4" Ugly Dude UGh Sooo Ugly wearing a sleeve from a white tee as a head band]  Pushed down On the Goalies neck as he was still bent and picking up the Ball Pushed it down so hard and Kneed him in the face the goalie fell Back and well after a minute he didnt get up he was taken off the field! OMFG IT WAS ON! I told that dude he better be wearing a protective cup because Imma Waste My Yellow card on Him! He got subbed so he sat Out and by the time he came back in i was switched to right defense  He was NOOOO WHERE NEAR ME so i had a new Target... Its Funny How  i hit a Nigga and they appologize... One chick Haha i could not keep up! Poor Girl was Hung over and running shes like OMG too Much tequila and she was dehydrated [it was from the other team] so It was Ok but damn when they put me on her UGH she is fast! any ways It was a Good Game overall
2 Wins - 1 Lose

"Creepy Dude update"

OH for those Of you WHo read My earlier Post and read About The "CREEPY DUDE" [ If You didnt GO READ IT!!! HERE]  Any ways, I found out who this dude was.... Oh thank Heaven for that Lol cuz if not i would have been dreading running into him again!!! Well He is actually a Player from our team! he was probably recognizing me at work from the team and Just surprised! Still CREEPY but at least I know its Just him and Not anything I might of had with the Dude!

While Im on the subject Of creepy, How creepy Is it that  these perverts [ like 2] Are asking to add me on FB, and telling me Im sexii After having met my Husband and son??? [At the first game] Not to Mention My Parents were Both there WTF??? i was Like Good Luck finding me unless you have already been On My page from before You cant Search Me! Hes like oh why You are blocked Im all Like hell yea My "FANS" [Thats My Nice way of saying Creeper Stalkers Haters and Nosey People]  Like checking Up On me Ugh he is gross! I know Im sexii But all this Belongs to the MR. MAN! Lol and he Made Damn Sure of that last Night [MMM Hmm I knew there was A reason why i was with him... Lol J/k I LOVE HIM]

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