Sunday, October 10, 2010

Its Game Day #4

Atletico vs. Picked Last
I think this game just Bumped us up from 3rd Place to 2nd!
Update: I Lied after checking the score online we were actually bumped to 4th based on our goal average and a bunch of other crap! BOOO! and also found out only 5 goals out of the 7 counted so yes Im blown! I mean we still won But still its BS!
WooHoo Great Job.

This Game was definately a Bigger challenge they Knew what they were doing Played with More skill than Our Last Opponents and above all had a Positive attitude! ( I mean it must have taken everything they had To keep them from Crying after being crushed so Badly!)


  1. Go TEAM! Good job at kicking butt! :D

  2. Hey momma! Hope your weekend went well! I have honored you on my blog, so go check it out!