Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not so WORDLESS Wednesday

Not so Wordless  

 The Mr. had an Apt. and if all goes well after tommorows Apt. The Mr. will be making More money and  working 4 days a week but Longer shifts I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing! I mean home 3 days While still making full time Hours BUT, I will be left with Jayden for Hours Oh god! Lol I guess I will manage We did this while he was in the Navy, Just hope all goes well More money Is always a Great Incentive! and 90 days after getting This new position he will be eligible for another pay Raise! I love it!

  Any ways Schedule has been busy as ever so I will refrain from Posting My autum exchange package untill My Partner Receives Hers. My package was sent out late Because of all the work I did Last week so It was sent out Monday Morning and when I got home I was surprised to find My package was already there! Yay! But thats another Post for Another day!

   The Mr. has the next 2 days Off and he had off Tuesday! We had a Great Dinner Yum Steaks, white rice ceasar salad and some sauteed mushrooms My Fave!  We all went down for a Nap together! The Mr. Jayden and Me. we woke up right before 10 PM! It was some Much needed sleep for us both but mostly for the Mr. cuz I sleep in on some days and the LO well that lazy baby will sleep straight from 4PM till 7AM!

Wordless Wednesday
My Baby and My Mommas Baby


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  2. Such cute pics. I got my fingers crossed for Mr.

  3. @copyboy- Thanks Hun we shall know after this next meeting this morning which he is getting ready for and leaving me with the Monster AGAIN! lol as for the pix ( lazy runs in the men of this family!)

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