Sunday, October 24, 2010

Relax and Clean Sunday! [Halloween Party Pics]

   Ok to start Things Off can You really Have both? Lol relax and Clean? I dont know But I hope so! So far its been A good day A win for Team ATLETICO 2-1 But a win Nonetheless!

The Game
   I woke up at 11:07 and was Like CRAP! IM LATE HTF am I late when the game is at noon and Usually theyre at like 9 ish well I woke up at 8 and figured I had a few hours to kill sleeping ( keep in mind it was a 25 minute drive to the field) i arrived with 7 Minutes to spare which Left me  as a sub and Not as a starter GRRRR! FURIOUS! I got in a fight with a player from My own Team! Knocked some chick ( #12) on the ground ( accidently of course lol) and Some how managed to almost Twist my ankle as I walked on the field ( geez Im talented)

   Yesterday wow! Got off work Late my aunt never showed up ( reason why Im asked to work Mornings!) and she decides not to show up but I have to leave so the mr can go to work I left eventually at almost 3 arrive home in time to give my mr a goodbye kiss and put LO in the bath before his Nap, then after Finally Grab a bite to eat and Set up to get started on my Corset!

The Corset
   I was Scared it would Not FIt! I was worried I had done the measurments wrong and I would Be wasting My time and end up wearing the crap I already Had to the costume party! weLL I finished and Had my brother, Mr. , Mom, Dad, and Bros GF not seen me working on it in my brothers room while LO slept they would have thought I bought it! It turned out AMAZING! everything was perfect it held Up and  it Looked Hot My Boobs Looked amazing! lol

The Costume Party
   Any ways We a had a Fun Time  AT the Party we didnt win anything  from the raffle But The Mr. amd I got a great night out enjoyed some time alone and had a blast getting dressed. There were so many different Costumes and They were some awsome home made Ones even som Chick who showed up as Snookie. ( I just recently watched part of the Show For the FIRST TIME Like 3 days  ago) 
I went as a Vampiress he went as Death LOL In most Pics You dont even see him!

 The Parents
   OMG!!! Ok so My Parents Play for the same soccer league so Damn right they were going to be there! My Mom was going crazy trying to get her costume Just Slutty Enough  Right,  i mean Is it normal that she showed More cleavage than I did and as you saw In my pics damn near my nipple was coming Out Lol! My dad went as a vampire( Copy Cat!) My Mom went as a Slutty/sexy/ Dirty cop I mean what ever it was skanky lol It looked cute! My aunt who also plays for their league and her husband went as well He went as a Baseball Player and She went as a cowgirl!   But any ways My Mom is a 41 Year old GrandMama ( jayden calls her that) and My aunt is a 40 year old Grandma But nonetheless a grandma SHOULD THEY BE SHAKING ANYTHING??? lol I mean seriously Dropping it Like its Hot freak dancng as Im in Shock trying not to look stupid with my jaw Dropped!  OMG!!! Shouldnt they be at home Knitting their grandchildren booties and winter hats Or better yet baking me some cookies? LOL! My Mom had some freaks On her Like white on rice they was stalking her one was dressed as mario and the other as some nerdy star trek character ( god I hope it was startrek lol) well here are some Pics Enjoy!

Me and Tia

Can barely see the Mr. in the middle lol
From left to right
Mommy, Daddy, The Mr. Me , Auntie

Tia and Mommy with some random Person

My Mom and her Creeper

He is the Whiner who works for my Mamaw and hasnt been to work all week cuz Hes HURT ok but hes Partying! My aunts Hubby

Daddy or as My LO likes to call him Pa Pop

Hope You all enjoyed the Pix hope you have a great Sunday
I am Off to clean so I can Finish relaxing and Enjoy My Episode of Desperate Housewives tonight WooHoo!


  1. Aw it looks like you had so much fun! i am so jealous! And you look pretty hot in your vampiress costume! i'm sure you hubby was drooling over you!

    P.S. The giveaway is finally happening on my blog! Go check it out if you'd like!

  2. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. I love the pictures of the costume party. It looks like there were some great costumes there.